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The World as it is


Fewer complaints, less whining, somewhat extra dogged work and manly striving would do us more credit score than a thousand civil rights payments. W. E. B. Du Bois.

Nothing in here we personal

When our youngsters begin to speak they’ll quickly ask you who made this TV? Who made the telephone? Who made the automotive? Who made the aircraft? Who made the grass cutter? Who made the speakers? Who invented electricity? Who made the gate motor? Who made the welding machine? Who invented the DVD? Who invented Scuba diving or the A/C machine? They will do this for 99.99999% of the issues in your home and in our word. Now you may be Muslim, Rasta, Afrocentric, gay, coconut, sellout, Afropean, socialist, non-affiliated, JHW, the answer can’t change. It makes no difference whether or not the reality hurts or not–the reply stays the same.

Why doesn’t it exist? I am occupied with all types of things and I’m wondering why don’t they exist? The AHS is great but when we will do this amongst a number of of us, on our off days what would happen if we had an workplace with a devoted analysis unit with funds ? Not likely that onerous but it doesn’t exist. Okay, so we did not get that executed however certainly another person has. NOPE. Doesn’t exist. What a few Pan-African university that is on the extent of Oxford. Certainly we as a individuals have sufficient money to create that–Doesn’t exist. What a few Pan-African chainstore like Massmart in SA? Doesn’t exist. What a few Pan-African automotive that is exported like Kia and TaTa to all corners of the Globe? Doesn’t exist. What about an African bank like HSBC– Doesn’t exist. What a few Delivery firm like Maersk? What a few production firm like LIONSGATE?

Nothing African owned in most South African malls

You see we are discussing reality. The world as it is–not the world as we wish it to be, or the world of 3000 years in the past. Positive, way back in Historic Egypt we invented concrete, the inspiration of the Abrahmic religions, and all types of things together with linen and an early type of air con. But proper now on this trendy world we did not invent the pc and we do not make automobiles and spaceships seen in fictional Wakanda.

Techno Advanced African nation

Techno Advanced African nation

And the few things we do invent finally seem to all the time serve someone aside from us. We’d have provide you with KFC and Nandos sort hen however we do not own KFC or Nandos. Things are so dangerous I do not assume we even own one Nandos franchise in Africa. We love music, but we own no distribution corporations, we don’t own Neumann Cubase, Mackie, we don’t own Sony, we not often personal the enterprise end of the issues which vampire off of our talent. And the irony of all of this is that we’ve so many sensible and gifted individuals out there, so why can we not use all of this–and the vast bodily and mental assets to rebuild our greatness as opposed to persevering with making others even larger. What we need to talk about is tips on how to change that!


Nothing here made by us

What many so-called Pro-Africans do is spit at European accomplishments to cowl African failures, and let me cease you there. You see, we’d like a brand new outlook. It makes no difference how Europeans received dominant to anyone however intellectuals writing educational books. In this world, as most adults know, you win otherwise you lose. We do not stay in an ethical world, no one promised us justice so stop wanting on the world from the vantage point of “they came and stole it from us” – who provides a ****? You both produce the things you might want to reside on this world or you don’t. Do not cowl your failures by cursing others accomplishments (or making an attempt to say them as pseudo-historians do) as it modifications nothing in actuality. All the hatred of European civilization is not going to vary one single factor. It won’t even trigger Beethoven’s 9th to be any less genius or for the steel used in skyscrapers to melt.

They invented it

How Edison invented the sunshine bulb is a distant third to the invention of the light. Perhaps he stole it. Not even 0.001% of the 7.6 billion individuals using the sunshine bulb give a ****. As we speak we use it they usually own it–that is all you actually need to know. Ford and associates created the automotive–and we drive it. The Wright brothers invented powered flight and we journey in their planes to get back to Africa.

Talking about how they stole from us, true or false,  is therapy to make ourselves feel higher about being the losers. Saying they took our greatness only makes considering individuals ask then how great was our greatness if we couldn’t go and be nice once more. It is not like they came to Africa and found us flying spacecraft. It was them with the superior know-how, not us– so cope with it. And failure to cope with it means stagnation. Versus going and getting a degree in engineering we go on YouTube and create a rant about all the things they stole from us. And this is why, once you examine their talent set, is it restricted to writing semi-romantic educational books, doing speaking excursions, organizing holidays to Egypt and getting tenureship in White run universities? This is why in 40 years they have by no means produced what Garvey and NOI did beneath harsher circumstances.

Made in Africa — Motherland from Halaqah Movies on Vimeo.


What others have accomplished, others can do — Garvey

Marcus Garvey and BusinessBy no means mislead ourselves to cowl our failure. As Cabral stated “Claim no easy victories– tell no lies“. And most of our people are not mentally orientated to truth consciousness. Once upon a time we all were comfortable looking at the White man’s empire and we spat at it and said “they only got that by conquest and greed”. So, nothing to be jealous of. What we have been actually saying is that we shouldn’t have what they’ve, but they solely have it as a result of they are so **** wicked. Nicely, we all know much of white genius is generated out of exploitation. However that is not the one means: you can’t critically research European history and assume that is how they received into area or invented the wheel or the light bulb. It explains some, but not all.

So now the Chinese language are in Africa operating circles around us, and they didn’t achieve this using the bible or the gun. Once more we’ve got new excuses for why they will do and we can’t. Oh, but the Chinese language gov helps them to invade Africa. Properly, so does our African governments. Is it their fault their own gov supports them? It is superb how we’re snug stating somebody’s benefit over us as if it makes the game unfair. If we’re boxing and I’ve a 11 foot reach and you have a three foot reach– then just are available shut or develop longer arms. However the fact is — they are organized–we aren’t. They are clear about id–we aren’t. They work onerous like you don’t consider with physique and brain– we do not, we work arduous for people who do not seem like us. They work with long sight –we are myopic as sin. They plan to endure now so their great grandchildren can win, we do not like stress. They spend money on themselves— we do not. They help each other– we hate to help each other. They do not want the newest BMW to show-off, we do! What is your excuse now that it happened to us a third time? Arabs, Europeans and now Asians.


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There is a lot potential for improvement in Africa and the Diaspora like you do not consider. There are huge untapped assets and opportunities for the brave. Now this is not the opening of our TED speech, based mostly on feeling good and empty optimism driven by hippy rhetoric, it comes from being in business and learning improvement with other specialists. However every part that Africans can obtain is stymied not by the world bank or the forces of neo-liberal globalization but by the alternatives African individuals make globally not to put worth in supporting what helps them. Take a look at your last bank card invoice and see how much is spent on anything African owned that is good for our future. For many the full is zero. So, notice the individuals on your statement are the the highly effective Nike, Chinese language, American Eagle, Levi, Marvel. They advised us to inform you thanks. So then, tell me where is the market for African products? Reality dictates that we’re our largest drawback when it comes time to grow.


Blacks preventing to spend money on Black Friday with White businesses

There is this idea of Pro-Black the place hate turns into delight and it begins sounding like a religion when to discuss actuality or to even say you like Beethoven’s ninth makes you a traitor to Africa. All of this confusion is a direct outcrop of an inferiority complicated and a broader id situation. It is proper up there with individuals who assume talking good English and displaying up on time is “being European.”

talent = Writing poorly read educational books, tours of Egypt, acquiring tenureship and public talking

Not solely is it paradoxically not Professional-Black, it is anti-African. It is accepting the bigotry of low expectations. So punctuality, a superb factor, is now White. A true traitor is the individual or system which stunts African progress, that serves as an obstacle to vary where change means more energy to African culture and company. So if this article is written to get Africans again right into a place of techno dominance then that is really Pro-African. What is not Professional-African is telling individuals we’re doing superb and do not must be techno dominant. Or by sitting on the laurels of the distant previous. For these unclear about all of this, the video by Amos Wilson serves as prerequisite information.


“Pan-Africanism solely tells us how one can arrange however it can’t tell us tips on how to run a rustic “–Chen Chimutengwende

Dangerous Fruit

Beware of exhausting, empty rhetoric. Exhausting rhetoric didn’t build any nation–engineers and scientist did that, nor will it rebuild us Africans in the present day. We’re on the bottom, and talking about how nice our ancestors have been 2000 years in the past with no work won’t ever make us great once more. We not dwelling 2000 years ago–we live now. And last time I checked it was loads of us holding loads of us again. And the rationale why some groups declare greatness is that they do not walk around saying they have been nice within the time of Alexander, they maintain doing greatness. So positive we invented this and that, but tomorrow you could get in your Japanese automotive and drive to the white business that gave you a job or the white university that is giving  you your diploma.

Every continent produces something remaining (automobiles, telephones, audio system) besides Africa–and also you solely acquired rhetoric–empty satisfaction to mask shallow ego. Right now as I’m typing (and this is the reality) if you wish to create a financial institution–you need the White man’s system. If you wish to run a manufacturing unit you need their (Asian and White) machines. If that makes you so uncomfortable then go out there and create your personal! Onerous rhetoric, esp without work is reserved for non-workers who assume speak is larger than work. All they are doing is talking us to demise.


Italian on Japanese Bike

The Japanese did not invent any of this tech we use, but them and Asia basically immediately are the dominant producers of this tech. And this is because Asians don’t sit down and whine all day about “our ancestors built civilization”, or “White people stole our gunpowder 2000 years ago” – move on please. They say what labored for them and proved their genius by taking all that European invented tech and beating them at their own recreation. It was the European who invented the motorbike, yet who is profitable all those motorbike races? The best of Italy has to go and journey a Japanese machine. The greatest pianist of Germany has to play on a Asian owned machine.


True talent repeats itself. And the only thing we need to do is go back into reality and do good work once more. Clearly we now have sufficient examples to comply with. And then the burden of doing is not externalized to the European or the Chinese, but on us. We’re those answerable for our personal world. Until we’re suggesting they’re gods with special powers. Because this is what it seems like once we say they are holding us back. However in contrast to the days when our ancestors have been enslaved to supply white wealth there is no gun or whip holding us back at present from supporting the enterprise and industries we do have or from learning exhausting and taking what we need to survive and thrive. Our continent is rich and talent nice so it is on us and us alone.