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The CIA Owns the US and European Media

The CIA Owns the US and European Media

William Blum shares with us his correspondence with Washington Submit presstitute Michael Birnbaum. As you’ll be able to inform from Birnbaum’s replies, he comes throughout as both very silly or as a CIA asset.

Once I acquired my briefing as employees affiliate, Home Protection Appropriations Subcommittee, which required prime secret clearance, I used to be informed by senior members of the employees that the Washington Submit was a CIA asset. Watching the Washington Submit’s takedown of President Richard Nixon with the orchestrated Watergate story, that turned apparent. President Nixon had made too many overtures to the Soviets and too many arms limitations agreements, and he opened to China. Watching President Nixon’s peace initiatives water down the menace degree from the Soviet Union and Maoist China, the army/safety complicated noticed a menace to its price range and energy and determined that Nixon needed to go. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy had resulted in far an excessive amount of skepticism about the Warren Fee Report, so the CIA determined to make use of the Washington Publish to eliminate Nixon. To maintain the clueless American left hating Nixon, the CIA used its belongings in the leftwing to maintain Nixon blamed for the Vietnam warfare, a warfare that Nixon inherited and didn’t need.

The CIA knew that Nixon’s drawback was that he couldn’t exit the conflict with out dropping his conservative base, which was satisfied of the nonsensical “Domino Theory.” I’ve all the time questioned if the CIA concocted the “Domino Theory,” because it so properly served them. Unable to eliminate the struggle “with honor,” Nixon was pushed to brutal strategies to pressure the North Vietnamese to simply accept a state of affairs that he might depart with out defeat and soiling America’s “honor” and dropping his conservative help base. The North Vietnamese wouldn’t bend, however the US Congress did, and so the CIA succeeded in discrediting amongst each the leftwing and righwing Nixon’s conflict administration. With nobody to defend him, Nixon was a simple goal for the CIA.

Right here is Blum’s change with Birnbaum. It’s potential that Birnbaum is neither silly nor a CIA asset, however only a individual wanting to carry on to a job. The last item he can afford to do is to disabuse readers of the “Russian Threat” when Bezos’ Amazon and Washington Publish properties are depending on the CIA’s annual subsidy of $600 million disguised as a “contract.”

The Anti-Empire Report # 159
Willian Blum

The thoughts of the mass media: E-mail trade between myself and a number one Washington Submit overseas coverage reporter:

July 18, 2018

Pricey Mr. Birnbaum,
You write Trump “made no mention of Russia’s adventures in Ukraine”. Properly, neither he nor Putin nor you made any point out of America’s adventures in the Ukraine, which resulted in the overthrow of the Ukrainian authorities in 2014, which led to the justified Russian journey. Subsequently …?
If Russia overthrew the Mexican authorities would you blame the US for taking some motion in Mexico?
William Blum

Pricey Mr. Blum,
Thanks in your observe. “America’s adventures in the Ukraine”: what are you speaking about? Final time I checked, it was Ukrainians in the streets of Kiev who prompted Yanukovych to show tail and run. Whether or not or not that was a superb factor, we will depart apart, nevertheless it wasn’t the People who did it.
It’s, nevertheless, Russian particular forces who fanned out throughout Crimea in February and March 2014, in response to Putin, and Russians who got here down from Moscow who stoked battle in japanese Ukraine in the months after, in response to their very own accounts.
Greatest, Michael Birnbaum

To MB,
I can scarcely consider your reply. Do you learn nothing however the Submit? Do you not know of excessive State Dept official Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador in Ukraine in Maidan Sq. to encourage the protesters? She spoke of 5 billion (sic) dollars given to assist the protesters who have been quickly to overthrow the govt. She and the US Amb. spoke brazenly of who to decide on as the subsequent president. And he’s the one who turned president. That is all on tape. I assume you by no means watch Russia As we speak (RT). God forbid! I learn the Publish every single day. You must watch RT now and again.
William Blum

To WB,
I used to be the Moscow bureau chief of the newspaper; I reported extensively in Ukraine in the months and years following the protests. My observations aren’t based mostly on studying. RT isn’t a reputable information outlet, however I definitely do learn far past our personal pages, and in fact I speak to the precise actors on the floor myself – that’s my job.
And: sure, in fact Nuland was in the Maidan – however encouraging the protests, as she clearly did, shouldn’t be the similar as sparking them or directing them, neither is enjoying favorites with potential successors, as she clearly did, the similar as being instantly liable for overthrowing the authorities. I’m not saying the United States wasn’t concerned in making an attempt to form occasions. So have been Russia and the European Union. However Ukrainians have been in the driver’s seat the entire means by way of. I do know the man who posted the first Fb name to protest Yanukovych in November 2013; he’s not an American agent. RT, in the meantime, reviews fabrications and horrible falsehoods all the time. By all means eat a wholesome and diversified media weight-reduction plan – don’t cease at the US mainstream media. However ask your self how typically RT stories critically on the Russian authorities, and contemplate how that lacuna shapes the remainder of their reporting. One can find loads of reporting in the Washington Publish that’s important of the US authorities and US overseas coverage normally, and selections in Ukraine and the Ukrainian authorities in particular. Our purpose is to be truthful, with out choosing sides.
Greatest, Michael Birnbaum

======================= finish of trade =======================

Proper, the United States doesn’t play indispensable roles in modifications of overseas governments; by no means has, by no means will; even once they supply billions of dollars; even once they decide the new president, which, apparently, isn’t the similar as choosing sides. It must be observed that Mr Birnbaum presents not a single instance to again up his extremist declare that RT “reports fabrications and terrible falsehoods all the time.” “All the time”, no much less! That ought to make it straightforward to offer some examples.

For the document, I feel RT is far much less biased than the Publish on worldwide affairs. And, sure, it’s bias, not “fake news” that’s the most important drawback – Chilly-Warfare/anti-Communist/anti-Russian bias that People have been raised with for a full century. RT defends Russia towards the numerous senseless assaults from the West. Who else is there to try this? Shouldn’t the Western media be held accountable for what they broadcast? People are so unaccustomed to listening to the Russian aspect defended, or listening to it in any respect, that once they do it may possibly appear quite bizarre.

To the informal observer, THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA indictments of July 14 of Russian intelligence brokers (GRU) strengthened the argument that the Soviet authorities interfered in the US 2016 presidential election. Regard these indictments in correct perspective and we discover that election interference is simply listed as a supposed goal, with expenses truly being for illegal cyber operations, id theft, and conspiracy to launder cash by American people unconnected to the Russian authorities. So … we’re nonetheless ready for some proof of precise Russian interference in the election aimed toward figuring out the winner.

The Russians did it (cont.)
Every day I spend about three hours studying the Washington Submit. Amongst different issues I’m in search of proof – actual, authorized, courtroom-quality proof, or a minimum of one thing logical and rational – to pin down these terrible Russkis for his or her many current crimes, from influencing the consequence of the 2016 US presidential election to make use of of a nerve agent in the UK. However I don’t discover such proof.

Every day brings headlines like these:

“U.S. to add economic sanctions on Russia: Attack with nerve agent on former spy in England forces White House to act”

“Is Russia exploiting new Facebook goal?”

“Experts: Trump team lacks urgency on Russian threat”

These are all from the similar day, August 9, which led me to considering of doing this text, however comparable tales may be discovered any day in the Submit and in main newspapers anyplace in America. None of the articles begins to elucidate how Russia did this stuff, and even WHY. Motivation seems to have turn out to be a misplaced pursuit in the American mass media. The one factor typically talked about, which I feel might have some credibility, is Russia’s choice of Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016. However this doesn’t start to elucidate how Russia might pull off any of the electoral magic it’s accused of, which might be possible provided that the United States have been a backward, Third World, Banana Republic.

There’s the Fb advertisements, in addition to all the different advertisements … The people who find themselves influenced by this story – have they learn lots of the precise advertisements? Many are pro-Clinton or anti-Trump; many are each; many are neither. It’s one huge mess, the solely rational rationalization of this which I’ve learn is that they arrive from money-making web sites, “click-bait” websites as they’re recognized, which earn cash just by attracting guests.

As to the nerve brokers, it makes extra sense if the UK or the CIA did it to make the Russians look dangerous, as a result of the anti-Russian scandal which adopted was completely predictable. Why would Russia select the time of the World Cup in Moscow – of which all of Russia was immensely proud – to deliver such notoriety down upon their head? However that may have been a great time for his or her enemies to need to embarrass them.

Nevertheless, I’ve little question that the nice majority of People who comply with the information every day consider the official tales about the Russians. They’re notably impressed with the reality that each US intelligence company helps the official tales. They might not be impressed in any respect if informed that a dozen Russian intelligence businesses all disputed the fees. Group-think is alive and properly throughout the world. As is Chilly Struggle II.

However we’re the Good Guys, ain’t we?

For a defender of US overseas coverage there’s little or no that causes excessive heartburn greater than somebody implying a “moral equivalence” between American conduct and that of Russia. That was the case throughout Chilly Warfare I and it’s the similar now in Chilly Conflict II. It simply drives them up the wall.

After the United States handed a regulation final yr requiring TV station RT (Russia Immediately) to register as a “foreign agent”, the Russians handed their very own regulation permitting authorities to require overseas media to register as a “foreign agent”. Senator John McCain denounced the new Russian regulation, saying there’s “no equivalence” between RT and networks resembling Voice of America, CNN and the BBC, whose journalists “seek the truth, debunk lies, and hold governments accountable.” Against this, he stated, “RT’s propagandists debunk the truth, spread lies, and seek to undermine democratic governments in order to further Vladimir Putin’s agenda.”

And right here is Tom Malinowski, former Assistant Secretary of State for democracy, human rights and labor (2014-2017) – final yr he reported that Putin had “charged that the U.S. government had interfered ‘aggressively’ in Russia’s 2012 presidential vote,” claiming that Washington had “gathered opposition forces and financed them.” Putin, wrote Malinowski, “apparently got President Trump to agree to a mutual commitment that neither country would interfere in the other’s elections.”

“Is this moral equivalence fair?” Malinowski requested and answered: “In short, no. Russia’s interference in the United States’ 2016 election could not have been more different from what the United States does to promote democracy in other countries.”

How do you satirize such officers and such high-school beliefs?

We even have the case of the US authorities company, Nationwide Endowment for Democracy (NED), which has interfered in additional elections than the CIA or God. Certainly, the man who helped draft the laws establishing NED, Allen Weinstein, declared in 1991: “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.” On April 12, 2018 the presidents of two of NED’s wings wrote: “A specious narrative has come back into circulation: that Moscow’s campaign of political warfare is no different from U.S.-supported democracy assistance.”

“Democracy assistance”, you see, is what they name NED’s election-interferences and government-overthrows. The authors proceed: “This narrative is churned out by propaganda outlets such as RT and Sputnik [radio station]. … it is deployed by isolationists who propound a U.S. retreat from global leadership.”

“Isolationists” is what conservatives name critics of US overseas coverage whose arguments they will’t simply dismiss, in order that they suggest that such individuals simply don’t need the US to be concerned in something overseas.

And “global leadership” is what they name being first in election-interferences and government-overthrows.

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Contributed by Paul Craig Roberts of Institute for Political Financial system.

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