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Tarmika – Innovating From The Agent-Carrier Perspective

Our latest profile (from March of this yr) on one of many many revolutionary corporations that call Massachusetts house…

Fast. Elegant. Effortless.

Three adjectives often not associated with the business insurance coverage quoting process. A new Boston-based Insurtech, nevertheless, is aiming to vary that notion.

Tarmika, a new business insurance coverage platform for agents,  was co-founded by Raghav Tanna and Geetha Sreedhar, each Massachusetts natives who have in depth company and service expertise. Mr. Tanna, who’s the chief government officer, has hung out as both a business insurance coverage producer in addition to an underwriter. Ms. Sreedhar, Tarmika’s chief operating officer, is herself a seasoned insurance coverage and know-how government. In her career before co-founding Tarmika, she held senior leadership positions at Fidelity and Liberty Mutual. With Tarmika, what they provide has a simple objective—Redesigning Business Insurance, and more specifically, the laborious quoting process, for the unbiased agent.

Agency Checklists occurred to satisfy Mr. Raghav by probability throughout final yr’s Massive Occasion. He talked about that he was with a start-up working on a brand new insurtech platform. We informed him as soon as the product is launched to get in contact. Which they did. Ms. Sreedhar and Mr. Tanna received in contact to point out us their product in addition to to debate their plans and the preliminary response.

Up to now, it appears, the message is being embraced in all quarters. The firm, which launched in early 2019, already has on board some of Massachusetts most highly rated and well-known insurance coverage carriers and businesses. Mr. Tanna envisions even greater growthon the horizon for the platform, within the coming yr.

Insurtech and innnovation news in Massachusetts

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“Right now, we are based in New England,” says Raghav Tanna. “We see ourselves having, by the end of 2019… about one hundred-fifty to two hundred agencies on the platform. And that is based on our current wait list, plus the agencies that have shown interest.”

The starting of 2020 is once we will start to see substantial agency progress,” he continues. “Our goal is to have twenty-five regional and national insurance companies on the platform [by then].” Going forward Mr. Tanna sees a “mostly regional” focus.

This components, he explains, was devised with the agent in mind. “In every new territory, we are going to try to bring six regional carriers and four national carriers to the platform. Agencies place a lot of their business with regional carriers on the commercial lines side. We think that by only working with national companies, we would not aid our agencies as much as we could.”

When Agency Checklists interviewed Ms. Sreedhar and Mr. Tanna, Tarmika already had more than thirty businesses on its ready record. The rationalization for the ready listing was that:

  • “the waitlist consists of agencies that are waiting for us to add some additional carriers that they work with to the portal so that when these agencies sign onto Tarmika, they will have multiple [carriers] to quote from on the system,” or,
  • “They are agencies that we put on the waitlist because we do not have the support staff onboard yet, that we are in the process of hiring.”

The delivery of Tarmika from a prediction of the approaching demise of the unbiased agent

Insurtech and innnovation news in Massachusetts

Co-founder and CEO Raghav Tanna

Mr. Tanna stated the thought for Tarmika got here to him after attending an insurance conference. “I go to a lot of these conferences, Accord, Insurtech Connect… We were at one of those meetings…” recounts Mr. Tanna, “Someone went up in front of all these agencies, and in front of all these Insurtech guys and said ‘We do not think that agencies are necessary anymore. In the commercial line space nor the personal line space.’” This assertion did not go over properly with him but did get him considering.

“I grew up with an agency. My dad has been in the insurance business and owned an agency for years. So, I was not a huge fan of that comment, as you can imagine.” “But, I had the background on how we could build a system that was for the agents instead of these direct to consumer system this speaker had claimed would put independent agents out of business. And that is how the idea started.”

Soon after that convention that spurred Mr. Tanna to start out considering, he and Ms. Sreedhar met.

A few years before she met Mr. Tanna, Ms. Sreedhar had seen the chance of insurance coverage tech. “And I wanted to jump into that new Insurtech space,” she stated. “I saw the benefit for large carriers, but I also understood the challenges. My goal was to help agencies and carriers jointly drive the digital revolution.” Her preliminary thought was to create a digital marketplace to assist unbiased agents. “I wanted to make [placing insurance] simple for the agencies.”

Insurtech and innnovation news in Massachusetts

Co-Founder and COO Geetha Sreedhar

When she first met Mr. Tanna, they noticed they have been each working on comparable enterprise fashions. “So we both came together about nine or ten months ago to work together to develop our ideas in one platform.” “We loved the idea because both of us were working to solve the same problem. Moreover, both of us brought very complementary skill sets. I brought the technology side, and he brought all the carriers, the agency side, and together we ended up putting every together very fast.”

Mr. Tanna concurs. He says as soon as they joined forces, it was solely ten months before they launched the Tarmika on January 1 of this yr.

“When we launched on January 1st, we [reached out] to aggregators, clusters and big agencies, and got a lot of traction. We signed some of them up immediately. Today, we have a large list of agencies that want to join,” he notes. “We have the four carriers on the platform now, with about ten to twelve carriers interested in joining the platform.”

Engineering innovation from the agent’s perspective

So, what is it that makes Tarmika totally different from the opposite business strains insurtechs on the market? Know-how and innovation from the agent’s perspective in response to the co-founders.

Mr. Tanna explained. “My dad, Dinesh Tanna, has owned an insurance agency in Woburn for over twenty years” “While working there, I realized that the way agencies have to rate commercial lines with the companies they represent is inefficient for the agency.” The inefficiency, he contends, stems from brokers having to entry anyplace from 5 to 10 totally different company techniques relying on the company contracts a specific company may need, to generate quotes for a proposal for the shopper. The result is an arduous course of for an agent to acquire a easy business strains proposal for a shopper.

“Now they will have the five proposals, they will look them over, find out which one is best and then send them to the client,” he says including, “It could take anywhere between an hour and two hours just because of how long a quote takes within each company.”

Ms. Sreedhar concurs in Mr. Tanna’s assessment of the benefit for agents Tarmika brings to an agency business insurance software course of. “The technology we have is state of the art, cutting edge technology using an artificial-intelligence-based (“AI”) engine. This know-how is all built-in, so it makes the whole software process quite a bit easier for businesses and carriers using Tarmika”.”

How the Tarmika software process works

An agency using Tarmika’s portal to apply for one of many above policies from a Tarmika companion company would sign onto the system. As soon as on the system, the agency would initially answer simple typical questions relating to a new software.

Then the agency would find on the interface the kind of business for which the company is making an software. So, if for example, the company is making use of for a restaurant, all the traditional supplementary questions for a restaurant would appear for the company to fill in to get a quote.

The questions on the system are interactive. Relying on an answer, extra questions might appear, or questions on the appliance display might disappear if irrelevant based mostly on the prior answer.

In the case of the restaurant, the questions might embrace info on cooking methods, fryers, seating capability, the sq. footage of the restaurant, and seating capacity, and so forth. If the restaurant owned its location, further insurance coverage and score questions would appear.

Also, through the software process, Tarmika would present further coverages that the agency may think about for its customer, based mostly on the solutions given.

For different varieties of companies, the appliance course of would work the same method.

Insurtech and innnovation news in Massachusetts

The agency solely has to enter the underwriting info as soon as Tarmika’s portal. As soon as all the knowledge has been entered the portal’s AI-based system takes over and enters the knowledge routinely into multiple Service’s Company Portals simultaneously. The quote generated by each service’s web site is picked up by Tarmka’s system and combined right into a simple comparative quote report from a number of carriers sent to the company. Assuming the submitted danger does not want evaluation by an organization underwriter, the whole quoting course of takes less than 10 minutes.

Businesses can refer questions and claim paperwork to underwriters by way of the Tarmika portal

We now have inbuilt quite a number of further options, with agency inefficiencies in thoughts,” added Mr. Tanna. “Agencies on the Tarmika platform can upload loss runs, print referral messages and refer to an underwriter all within our dashboard.”

Insurtech and innnovation news in Massachusetts

All in all it Tarmika appears to have created and launched an actual, viable, choice for agents and carriers to compete in business strains sphere with out having to lose the carrier-agent relationship.

The best way to get in touch with Tarmika

For those Massachusetts insurance agents or corporations fascinated with learning extra about Tarmika’s portal, please get in contact with them by way of the email hyperlink or telephone number under:

Gross [email protected]

Telephone (781)454-9909