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Psyche and Eros Part 2: Love Against All Odds : Conscious Life News

Psyche and Eros Part 2: Love Against All Odds : Conscious Life News

The story continues . . .  In case you didn’t learn the primary a part of the story, click on right here.  

So right here’s Psyche in the identical destitute place she began at however perhaps worse as a result of now she has had a style of affection and needs nothing greater than to be again with Eros. She’s achieved with being passive and is now prepared to do no matter it takes to get again to her lover, Eros. As she is pleading to the gods for assist, one god seems, Aphrodite, Eros’ mom and says, “Okay, pretty thing. If you are serious about getting back to see my son again, you must accomplish four tasks.” Psyche says that she is prepared to do something. And I don’t know when you’ve actually ever studied Greek gods however for many of them, benevolence isn’t their factor. Aphrodite both needs to punish Psyche, watch her endure or each. Or perhaps Aphrodite can use this Psyche’s power in her determined situation to get one thing she needs . . . from the underworld.

Sorting The Seeds of Love

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First, Aphrodite leads Psyche to a door and says that on this room is a few seeds and that for her first activity if she is to see Eros, she should type this pile of various seeds into their respective piles and it have to be accomplished by morning time. She opens the door and on this room is a gigantic pile of seeds taller than her. Aphrodite smugly closes the door and leaves Psyche to her activity. Psyche needs nothing greater than to be with Eros however this activity is inconceivable. She desperately tries for some time to type seeds one of the best she will however ultimately she is overcome with grief and fatigue and falls right into a deep sleep. Throughout her sleep a military of ants is available in, sees the duty at hand and arrange themselves to meticulously and completely type all the seeds in order that within the morning time when Aphrodite throws open the door, a lot to each of their amazement, all the seeds are sorted and organized. Psyche is mute in astonishment. Aphrodite isn’t amused however merely factors to the subsequent activity.

Fiery Fleece

Subsequent, Aphrodite instructs Psyche that she should collect a few of the golden fleece of some rams that reside in a far-off area. Drawback is, that these rams breath hearth and will singe you to a crisp if the a lot as lay eyes on you. Determined to seek out her approach again to Eros, Psyche makes her approach to the sector and is hiding within the reeds. She shortly realizes how unimaginable will probably be to collect the fleece of those incendiary animals earlier than she will get became a toasted marshmallow. And simply earlier than she turns again in defeat, she hears the wind blow via the reeds and whisper to her that if she waits till the solar units and the rams retire, she will discover the bushes close to the place the rams wish to feed the place a lot of their fleece has rubbed off and she will collect it with out the specter of getting burnt to a crisp. This she does and once more returns, the unattainable process completed a lot to the frustration of Aphrodite.

 Styx Water

Her third activity is to collect a goblet of water from the river Styx. She arrives on the gates of the underworld and in unusual style, the river is raging excessive above her within the air. There isn’t a approach she goes to have the ability to fill her goblet till an eagle comes down, grabs her cup in his talons, and flies up and fills the cup for her. Aphrodite? Unimpressed.

The Irresistible Lure of Magnificence

For Psyche’s remaining and final activity, she should go all through the underworld and discover the gorgeous Persephone, who has a field with a particular ointment that she should deliver again to Aphrodite, ointment that may make her extra lovely than another god. Psyche arrives on the river Styx, is as soon as once more overcome with the way to even begin this journey. As she is considering this unattainable activity of going all through hell with its obstacles, risks, and depths, a tower speaks to her and provides her some essential directions. It says that she should first collect some cash to pay the boatman to hold throughout the river Styx, that she should convey together with her some candy treats to provide to the animals alongside the best way in order that they don’t eat her, and that it doesn’t matter what, she should resist all requests made to her for assist. The cash and sweets aren’t an enormous deal. She accomplishes this and not using a drawback. What’s exhausting for her is when she comes throughout a person whose donkey has dropped most of its load and who pleads for assist. Subsequent some ladies who seem like her mom and grandmother plead for assist with their activity of weaving. This one hits onerous as a result of it’s so very similar to residence, keep in mind that is what she did when she wasn’t out courting like her associates? Lastly, a dying man pleads to her for assist and she should resist making an attempt to assist even the dying man. In the end, she meets Persephone who provides her the field of the valuable ointment.



It’s finished. Psyche has accomplished her duties. All she must do is return the valuable ointment to Aphrodite and she is going to win again her Eros. However as an alternative of dashing straight to Aphrodite, she paused a second and appeared on the field and thought, “Why should Aphrodite get all this good stuff?” And so her curiosity obtained the most effective of her and she opened the field. As she opened the field she appeared in and by no means had she seen something so white, so glimmering, and engaging. Her hand reached uncontrollably into the field and touched the divine contents and as a result of this was stuff meant just for the gods, her mortal physique was overcome and she collapsed lifeless on the spot.

 Love Returns

Once more, in Psyche’s most determined hour, the one and solely Eros comes swooping down, sees the lifeless Psyche is pierced with love for her and in correct mythic style, bends down to offer her probably the most divine, probably the most loving, probably the most lovely kiss that has ever been. Perhaps it was Divine Love’s objective (learn Eros), perhaps it was as a result of Psyche had traveled all through hell for real love, or perhaps it was the divine ointment within the field, however no sooner did their lips contact than did Psyche achieve a rosiness again into her cheeks. Life began to flood again via her veins and quickly her eyes fluttered open and she gazed upon her real love, Eros. However this time the gaze was totally different. To nice astonishment, she realized that not solely was alive once more, however that she was seeing her one and solely Eros with out vanishing or being forged away, one thing very drastic had modified. Certainly she had been became a god herself and with this divine boon, she and Eros might eternally stay in love’s bliss. Eventually, Psyche was reborn but reborn into one thing a lot higher than she had ever imagined attainable.

What Does This Fable Reveal about You?

The Oracle knew what she was doing when she despatched Psyche out to die. The previous a part of her that wasn’t her actual, true self wanted to die to be able to lastly turn out to be what was potential for her to be. She was greater than somebody who would marry the Frozen Greek Yogurt geek! She was worthy of the very Eros himself. At this level within the story, she abandons the passive realm of permitting issues to easily occur for her and decides to make issues occur for herself. But, regardless of her effort, she is met over and over once more with unattainable duties. If you end up able to act, anticipate to be met with the inconceivable. However don’t surrender!


At first when she is confronted with the duty of sorting the seeds, she’s overcome and falls asleep. Her a part of her that was rational, the doer, turned overloaded and she conked out. In her sleep, the ants come and did all of the work. This represents permitting the tireless work of the unconscious, the dream world or picture world to work its magic. And certainly lots of life’s issues can’t be solved within the present rational mindset. We should confide in some unimagined artistic pressure mendacity inside us. This can be a time to take heed to our goals, to concentrate to omens, to vary our efforts from bodily to the belief within the ethereal.


When Psyche goes and makes an attempt to collect the golden fleece from the fire-breathing rams, she listens to the knowledge of nature for the simplest, and pure answer. This wasn’t rocket science. It was good previous, pure, widespread sense.


The eagle flying to fill her cup with water from the river Styx represents a messenger from the divine. Birds typically symbolize that hyperlink between heaven and earth. Perhaps we additional our duties by not solely listening to our goals and by listening to nature, but in addition discover a mode to faucet into our Divine nature via meditation, prayer, or scripture, in no matter type speaks to you.


Now, what concerning the tower? It’s fairly unusual that the human-made construction of a tower speaks to her and provides her such sensible recommendation. Nicely, typically we have to depend on these issues which might be already constructed, already developed, which are strong actual and sensible. It might be we have to seek the advice of a therapist or medicine, or do one thing like go to the unemployment office-whatever. Typically we have to use the assistance of the system or construction that’s produced by human beings. The Tower gave some sensible recommendation to Psyche like bringing cash and treats to assist the passage, but in addition it gave some troublesome recommendation to keep away from serving to different individuals. On this occasion, it was a time the place she wanted to make use of all her assets to assist herself and not fall into that lure of placing others first. Her personal final evolution needed to be her principal concern. Typically we determine with being the helper once we must be helped or simply put all of our efforts towards our personal rebirth. There’s nothing flawed with this and to do in any other case is probably an offense to our biggest Divine objective throughout occasions in our lives once we are referred to as to provide delivery to this new self. And naturally, typically, we’ve to undergo hell so as to take action. However like in the long run of this story we’ll discover ourselves coming by way of the opposite aspect, not solely reborn however reborn right into a model of ourselves we by no means imagined with knowledge past our compression. Really we’ll come to KNOW THYSELF.


Socrates is the daddy of western philosophy and is understood by looking for knowledge by way of inquiring. This technique of looking for information by asking questions is called the Socratic Technique.

Socrates stated that the one factor actually value figuring out is the artwork of affection. And identical to Socrates, perhaps, by way of understanding how myths like that of Psyche and Eros may apply to our personal lives, we too may come to actually KNOW, the the artwork of affection.


For these articles I drew upon an ideal guide by William Bridges’ referred to as, Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Modifications, notably the Epilogue. For extra details about this topic, I’d recommend studying it.


Photograph by Seneca Moore

Scott Moore is a senior instructor of yoga and mindfulness in New York Metropolis and when he’s not educating or conducting retreats, he writes for Conscious Life News, Elephant Journal, Mantra Journal, and his personal weblog at Scott additionally likes to path run, play the saxophone, and journey together with his spouse and son. Take a look at his yoga retreats to locations like Hawaii and Amalfi Coast and his Yoga Instructor Mentor Program

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