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Preview of the CHAOS to come in 2019 and 2020… if you dare to glimpse reality – Dave Hodges

Preview of the CHAOS to come in 2019 and 2020… if you dare to glimpse reality - Dave Hodges

I’ve been pushing aside writing about occasions to come in 2019 – 2020 for the easy purpose that I don’t assume anybody is mentally ready to settle for the degree of chaos that’s coming. Maybe 95% of the inhabitants doesn’t give a crap about something aside from their social media posts, superstar information and trend exhibits. Their capacity to face reality on any topic — politics, finance, science, ecology, and so forth. — has collapsed to zero. For the remaining 5%, many of these individuals are too desperately clinging to monetary survival to assume critically about preparedness or collapse. They’re already in a collapse emergency of types, and they don’t have the psychological bandwidth to deal with even the thought of one other disaster.

It’s maybe the strongest proof of a collapsing civilization when the indicators of collapse are systematically ignored by these most probably to endure from it. The individuals who will probably be most negatively impacted by a inventory market crash, for instance, will inform themselves they “can’t afford to lose any more retirement money” and thus have to hold holding their shares and hoping for the greatest. Once I inform these individuals to promote their shares and convert to money or T-payments, they irrationally proclaim, “But I can’t afford to pay the tax on the stock gains I’ve already made!”

Then how, I’m wondering, will they have the opportunity to afford dwelling when half the worth of their shares evaporates over the subsequent two years? One way or the other, they’ve turn out to be paralyzed by revenue and now discover themselves incapable of realizing that revenue by cashing out. (Keep in mind: No inventory market funding revenue is actual till you promote it. That’s why such income are referred to as “realized” income. They’re made actual.)

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The American public poisons itself to dying and calls it “health care”

Equally, the very individuals being poisoned by poisonous prescription drugs resist adopting wholesome meals and way of life habits, telling themselves they want “their medication” despite the fact that it’s the statin medicine, most cancers remedies and antidepressant chemical compounds which are making them diseased and depressed in the first place. Most individuals are murdering themselves and it’s all based mostly on the dangerous info they’re being subjected to by a dishonest media that’s virtually totally managed by company and globalist pursuits.

The first job of the media, keep in mind, is to persuade individuals to act towards their very own self curiosity. Accomplish that takes every day propaganda publicity and heavy saturation of the acutely aware thoughts with repeated lies and distractions. Therefore CNN.

Leftist Democrats fall into the similar lure on the political spectrum, demanding an overwhelming, authoritarian authorities that screens and controls the lives of people, then they marvel why they’re dwelling as slaves underneath a tyrannical regime. At what level did the individuals of Venezuela understand that they had made a horrible mistake voting for a socialist chief and giving up their gun rights? Equally, at what level will America’s “progressives” understand they’re recreating the insurance policies of the Third Reich beneath the banner of “progress?”

The street to tyranny is paved with good intentions, and these political candidates who smile an excessive amount of (or promise an excessive amount of) are faking it.

When mass delusions grow to be normalized, society is reaching its finish recreation

If there’s one factor I’ve discovered in almost fifty years of dwelling on this Earth, it’s that virtually everyone seems to be delusional in a method or one other. All throughout American society as we speak, what passes as “mainstream” considering is so horrifically disfigured that it’s virtually unbelievable to witness. A organic man, for instance, lately claimed to be a “woman” so he might be a part of a ladies’s soccer workforce and dish out man-sized brute drive on the play subject. When he was minimize from the ladies’s group, he sued… and gained.

Underneath the banner of “feminism,” ladies’s sports activities groups are about to be steamrolled throughout society, dominated by creepy organic males full of rage and hatred, all claiming to be ladies. Amazingly, progressive ladies throughout America help the madness in the identify of feminism and progressivism. So the subsequent time a feminine soccer participant will get her clock cleaned and her tooth knocked out after enduring a devastating deal with from a 270-lb transgender “woman,” simply keep in mind that is what equality seems like in a progressive society.

It’s solely going to get extra insane, too, as the LGBTP motion — the “P” stands for pedophilia — takes over social media, web content material, Hollywood and cultural establishments. Any one that stands up and says that sexually molesting youngsters is flawed might be banned for partaking in “hate speech” and not loving pedophiles. By the similar logic, even serial killers can be canonized by the progressive Left so long as they declare to be gender fluid. They will merely declare to “self-identify” as a transgender human predator, thereby invoking prompt authorized and cultural immunity for his or her actions. It rubs the lotion on its pores and skin might quickly be the marketing campaign slogan for a gender-confused Democrat.

These are all indicators of the collapse of civilization. On the excellent news aspect, these are momentary insanities that can’t be sustained for lengthy, since they violate the legal guidelines of nature, biology and reality. On the dangerous information aspect, they’re main indicators that show human civilization has really gone insane and can not perform in any method which is rational or sustainable.

There isn’t any stopping the collapse that has already begun

You’re beginning to see the techniques of human civilization breaking down all over the place. The labor pool of dependable, younger staff in America has all however vanished. Bankers are monetary idiots who can’t reply primary questions on buyer accounts. Company “security officers” who work at insurance coverage corporations can’t reply questions on the safety of your social safety quantity. Docs now perform as little greater than Huge Pharma’s human drug allotting machines, and so-referred to as “journalists” who’ve infested the company-run media are so dishonest and incompetent that they’ve completely misplaced the capacity to examine something in any respect.

There isn’t a sector of society that’s functioning prefer it ought to nowadays. Not even the universities, which have been reworked into snowflake indoctrination facilities for the mentally gullible. Younger individuals graduating from school right now know much less than they did earlier than they entered the faculty. They turn out to be specialists in anti-information, or “fake facts” that they assume are true. For instance, almost all school graduates at the moment consider that carbon dioxide is a harmful pollutant that may destroy the planet, but any trustworthy scientist who graduated a era earlier will affirm that carbon dioxide is the single most necessary nutrient for crops, chargeable for the “greening” of rainforests, meals crops, grasslands and even aquatic ecosystems. CO2 is the molecule of life, but school graduates have been indoctrinated with anti-information that claims CO2 is a poison.

Concurrently, precise poisons are believed to be miraculous healers. Smoking hashish, for instance, topics your physique to all the most cancers-inflicting carcinogens of cigarette smoke, but as we speak’s youth have been brainwashed to consider that hashish smoke is one way or the other a well being-enhancing magical substance, whereas cigarette smoke is a lethal poison. These of us who’re older know full nicely what a 20-year pot head seems to be and thinks like… and it isn’t fairly. If smoking hashish healed your mind, Northern California can be full of Einsteins. As an alternative, it’s collapsing like the relaxation of the nation, solely with extra pot smoking alongside the method.

Inhaling burned hashish is simply as damaging to your well being as inhaling burned tobacco. But tens of tens of millions of People at present consider exactly the reverse. (Trace: If you need to profit from medical hashish, take it in liquid type or vape it in order that you aren’t inhaling smoke generated from burning natural matter.)

We’ve crossed the tipping level… trendy society can’t be rescued from its self-induced suicide

I might go on with many extra examples of the collapse of trendy society, however you’re in all probability experiencing a lot of this your self and subsequently want no additional convincing. What you actually need to know is that society has crossed a tipping level, past which a catastrophic collapse — societal suicide — can not be reversed.

We in all probability crossed that time a decade in the past with the election of Barack Obama, an America-hating legal traitor who systematically labored to destroy the United States of America from inside. Now, a decade later, we’re nonetheless making an attempt to cease the hemorrhaging with emergency measures, however the bureaucratic deep state is obstructing all such efforts whereas pointing at Trump and claiming it’s his fault issues are going incorrect.

From right here ahead, it’s only a query of the type and timing of the collapse… there’s not even an actual debate about whether or not it’s coming. The techniques upon which sustainable society relies upon are not functioning. Throughout the realms of politics, finance, science, biology, tradition, historical past, information, information and even know-how, falsehoods are rewarded whereas truths are punished. The weak-minded are celebrated whereas the crucial thinkers are terrorized and defamed. The perverted are hoisted on pedestals, whereas the ethical members of society are mocked and censored.

Each establishment in society now rewards evil, perversion, destruction and stupidity whereas punishing intelligence, rationality, innovation and morality. A society that celebrates the mass homicide of unborn youngsters whereas demonizing Christian bakers is a society that has no future. A society that finds information despicable however lies fascinating and viral is a society that has no future. A society that toxins its youngsters for revenue with Massive Pharma medicine whereas educating them that gender biology doesn’t exist is a society that has no future.

A society that heaps monetary reward on the paper pushers on Wall Road whereas confiscating the life financial savings of center-revenue wage earners by way of central financial institution financial debasement has no future. A society that can’t fund its pension guarantees for tens of tens of millions of state and federal staff — most of whom are going to lose the whole lot — has no future. A society with federal regulators that promote the mass poisoning of the meals provide with GMOs, glyphosate, pesticides and hormone-disrupting chemical compounds has no future, both.

We’re previous the tipping level of societal suicide. Each establishment working in America as we speak is engineering self-induced destruction. There isn’t any establishment that’s working on cause, planning and even widespread sense. The DOJ has grow to be a joke of justice; the FBI is the most corrupt regulation enforcement agenda in American historical past; the EPA promotes the mass air pollution of America’s soils via biosludge; the FDA is a Massive Pharma mass drugging propaganda operation; the CDC is an enormous science fraud group that worsens the well being of People; the IRS is a political weapon that’s used to goal political enemies of Democrats. Every of these establishments was based with the promise to assist maintain America, but every of these now works diligently to destroy society and collapse sustainable society.

Right here’s the fact about what’s coming: Mass poverty, illness, habit, suicides and collapse

As a result of of the collapse of purpose, civility, regulation and order, over the subsequent few years humanity can be examined like by no means earlier than. As The Burning Platform writes:

Based mostly upon historical past, the decision won’t be based mostly on compromise, civility, cause, or peaceable means. The flamable mixture of unpayable debt, civic anarchy, and international chaos are set to detonate, creating an period of most darkness, dying, destruction, and selections. Making America Nice Once more would require private sacrifice, dreadful decisions, survival expertise, clever selections, and the braveness to win in any respect prices.

The delusion of inventory market income shouldn’t be going to bail out the mass destitution that’s coming quickly for the American individuals. The “wealth” has all been stolen by the regular suspects: central banks and corrupt bureaucrats. Your dollars will someday be rendered nugatory, which suggests your checking account “savings” shall be nugatory even if the numbers nonetheless seem in your checking account statements. Pensions might be worn out. The actual property bubble has already begun to collapse, and the bond bubble gained’t be far behind now that the Fed is tinkering with rates of interest once more (in one other determined effort to crash the inventory market beneath Trump).

The sobering fact is that what’s actually coming for America gained’t look that totally different from what has already occurred in Venezuela. You’re going to see mass unemployment, an exploding inhabitants of homeless individuals and a dramatic worsening of the opioid disaster. Suicides will skyrocket, infectious illness will unfold and the Democrats will incessantly demand you give up extra energy to them to remedy all of it. Greater authorities is the reply, you’ll be advised… and oh, by the method, don’t overlook to flip in your weapons or you gained’t qualify for presidency meals stamps.

Soylent inexperienced out of the blue doesn’t appear that far-fetched anymore. Besides in our dystopian society, even the soylent inexperienced might be too poisonous to eat, since at present’s common human being is a cesspool of heavy metals, prescribed drugs and pesticide residue. (I do know, I’ve examined hundreds of samples of human hair vs. wild animal hair in my analytical laboratory, and wild animal hair is pristine in contrast to human hair.)

Finally, the poisoned will feed on the poisoned. The clueless will vote for the clueless. The determined will promote their our bodies to the determined in change for another poisonous meal. Social media will probably be the final merciless joke on humanity as the depressed, malnourished plenty take to SnapChat to fake their depressing lives are superior… whilst they ponder suicide after the conclusion of every video clip.

2019 – 2020 is simply the heat-up… a decade of chaos is but to come

The suicide of humanity is underneath approach and accelerating quickly. It can’t be reversed. Now, we will solely watch because it performs out over the subsequent a number of years, accelerating in 2019 – 2020 and doubtless exploding with unimaginable chaos following the 2020 election (regardless of who wins). Violence will spill into the streets, the place deranged, lunatic Leftists could have to be met with drive to forestall them from burning down America’s cities. Martial regulation is a definite risk, but even martial regulation can’t forestall the collapse of trendy society, since the root causes go far past the mere lack of civility.

America has raised a era of chemically-intoxicated, emotionally fragile morons. The media has deserted any final pretense of partaking in “news reporting.” The tech giants have bought out to the communists and globalists, and each cultural establishment of our modern-day has gone all-out to promote transgenderism and pedophilia whereas attacking morality, cause and fact. The vaccines trigger mind injury, the meals causes most cancers and the establishments of science train local weather change quackery. In the meantime, at the least one million People are hooked on opioids and different painkillers, and the day the pharmacies run out is the day these individuals go “full zombie” on society.

You will want to be armed to survive what’s coming, and the police and sheriff’s departments will probably be powerless. 911 providers are already breaking down regularly, with nationwide telecommunications infrastructure failing with beautiful regularity. If you don’t but personal a pistol, a rifle and a shotgun, you’re already late to the recreation. There might be mass violence — particularly in the cities — and solely the ready will survive.

The approaching chaos gained’t be over in a weekend, and even in a yr. It might final a decade, and it’s going to unveil a shocking panorama of cultural depravity, youngster intercourse trafficking, substance abuse, political corruption and essential failures of regulation enforcement. Many people who find themselves working center-class jobs right now will discover themselves dwelling on the streets, begging for meals, performing intercourse acts for cash and stealing to keep away from hunger. Homeless tent cities will quickly increase in America’s largest cities, and Democrat-managed sections of America will resemble Third World shantytowns, full with cholera outbreaks, HIV pandemics and superbug infections.

If you are usually not prepared to kill in your personal protection, you shall be killed

As you contemplate the collapse of regulation and order throughout society, hold in thoughts that people who find themselves not prepared to kill in self-protection to survive violent assaults might be killed themselves. I extremely advocate you learn the ebook, “When Violence Is the Answer” by Tim Larkin. In that e-book, you will study that surviving the coming violence of society just isn’t a lot about understanding preventing methods however relatively having a mindset that permits you to unleash acts of excessive violence towards those that provoke assaults towards you first. The e-book is essentially written for ladies, by the method, to shield themselves from rapists and muggers. Nevertheless it’s additionally very informative for males, too.

Dare I say that 99% of the U.S. inhabitants at this time is too well mannered to survive when it comes to unbridled violence. These 99% shall be simply preyed upon by the legal class that haven’t any qualms about slitting your throat, gouging out your eyes, capturing you in the again and not using a warning shot, poisoning your canine to assault your nation residence, and so forth. If you are usually not prepared to flip the psychological change that’s required to kill these individuals in your personal protection, you merely won’t survive any encounter with the felony class.

Phrase of recommendation: If you actually need to know what society will probably be like in a submit-collapse state of affairs, go interview ten felony prisoners and ask them how they might survive such a state of affairs. The solutions you get will eternally change your view of reality. These individuals are not enjoying by any guidelines in any respect, and they’re behind bars for a cause. Keep in mind, too, that Democrats need to empty all the prisons and launch these violent felons onto the streets of America. That’s as a result of Democrats don’t “believe” in partitions, weapons or prisons, which is why Democrats shall be amongst the very first to be murdered by these violent felons, paradoxically. Always remember all the bikers and hikers who went on “peace missions” to hike via ISIS-managed territories in the Center East to show that “people everywhere are by nature good people.”

These hikers obtained their throats slit and have been left to bleed out on the aspect of the street. It’s robust to study that your delusions don’t rely in the thoughts of another person. You may consider that the world is a peaceable place full of good individuals, however your delusion counts for nothing when a violent Antifa nut job assaults you with a spiked baseball bat. If you’re not armed and ready to shoot that Antifa not job earlier than he can drive that spike by way of your cranium, you will find yourself identical to the “world peace” hikers who died in ISIS territory.

If these ideas make you really feel uncomfortable, you don’t but have the mindset to survive the coming violence. Defending your life towards violence is a psychological selection, however most individuals are incapable of finishing up the vital actions to save themselves, since they’ve been advised their complete lives that solely “bad” individuals shoot others, for instance. In fact, good individuals typically shoot dangerous individuals to save lives.

There shall be a chance to construct a brand new society after the collapse of this one

Lastly, on a constructive notice, it’s now clear that collapse is the subsequent mandatory step to rebirth. The “Next Society,” as I name it, can’t be born till the present society collapses. Throughout that collapse, maybe 50 – 90 % of the present inhabitants will perish, relying on which state of affairs unfolds. Your job — and mine — is to assist rebuild society on the different aspect of this, ensuring we create a society based mostly on actual justice, particular person liberty, free speech rights and the utter dismantling of all company monopolies that presently enslave humanity.

Particularly, Google, Fb, Apple and Massive Pharma corporations have to be completely dismantled and eradicated from future society. The cash provide have to be owned by the Individuals, not personal globalist banks, and authorities have to be held in examine with strict time period limits and constitutional budgetary limitations. Even higher, authorities officers who lie have to be prosecuted for mendacity to the Individuals, and elected representatives should hand over all private wealth for all times in order to have the honor of truly serving the nation (moderately than their present mode of operation which is to exploit their political energy for private monetary achieve).

Lastly, the Individuals should keep energy over authorities operatives. For instance, federal prosecutors who destroy proof and impede justice ought to face the dying penalty. Elected representatives who try to destroy the liberties of the Individuals ought to be subjected to fast prosecution and lifetime imprisonment. Authorities authorities who collude with personal business to poison the individuals with harmful medicine, pesticides or insurance policies must be subjected to lifetime bans from public workplace (in addition to heavy fines and attainable felony prosecution).

There are a thousand good concepts about how to construct the Subsequent Society. For so long as we will, we’ll discover what some of these options may appear to be. I’ll additionally bringing you further sensible info on how to survive the collapse that’s already unfolding.

Keep knowledgeable. Learn or for extra evaluation of world occasions as trendy civilization unravels and collapses.

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