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Might and Magic 6 – Playing through the Temple of Baa

I did it. I’ve crushed all of the purely turn-based, grid-based Might and Magic video games. Nicely, I did it with the older ones at the very least. I understand Might and Magic 10 goes back to that fashion, to a average degree. After an extended break from the collection, a number of weeks in the past, I made a decision to offer recreation #6 a attempt. I’ve already performed for an excellent bit and I’d wish to concentrate on enjoying the recreation as an alternative of writing about it, so this wan’t be a play-through diary. As an alternative, I’ll go through the recreation for a bit, to elucidate what it’s all about, and then just play through a single dungeon and the quests it includes.

However first, opinion time.

After enjoying for a few dozen hours, that’s my conclusion. Might and Magic 6, while being utterly totally different in play type, or even style/sub-genre, continues to be very a lot a Might and Magic recreation in all the things else.

Pictured: The primary menu

Previous games in the collection are continually being referenced with monsters, spells, location and character names.

The overall play type continues to be the similar. Positive, you could have a superb auto-map, but the dungeons at the moment are big, so the similar strategy of getting in, exploring for a bit and retreating to recuperate continues to be how you play the recreation.

There are gadgets and objects that permanently improve your statistics. There are keys, hidden doorways and puzzles. Every thing that made Might and Magic what it was up so far continues to be present in Mandate of Heaven. It’s just been made slightly extra trendy.

Some historical past

We simply loaded up the recreation, and we’re in Fort Ironfist, in front of a random house. We acquired right here from the area around New Sorpigal, where we cleared a number of dungeons already and earned ourselves some gear, gold and ranges.

Once we obtained here, I instantly went to an archery coach to train everybody in the get together in the use of bows. Why? Because ranged injury is overpowered in Might and Magic 6. You will get through most encounters by walking backwards and firing missiles or spells.

The plan

There’s a lady in front of us we will speak to.

E:Google diskScreenshots2015-07-12 12_45_02-Might and Magic® VI.png

Pictured: An NPC

The sort of NPC we see here is the commonest in the recreation – a possible touring companion. We will rent her and she is going to present a party-wide bonus of some type.

Might and Magic 6 - NPC Dialog

Pictured: Talking to a hireling NPC.

For instance, a lady named Kathleen will be a part of us for an initial value of 100 gold and 1% share of all gold we discover. In return, she’ll velocity up our travel time. We don’t have any companions but, however travel time shouldn’t be the greatest bonus on the market, so we determine to move on the alternative. Before we go to the next dungeon, although, I’d wish to find a good companion to take with us.

I shortly search through the fort area, but only discover one companion value taking.

Might and Magic 6 - Hired Companion

Pictured: Glenda, the Dealer

Glenda will improve our prices with the retailers, which is an effective general bonus to have. She does this for the similar worth and loot share as Kathleen.

It’s time for us to go away the fort space and go deal with one of the close by dungeons. I already explored the overworld, so I have my decide of the litter, as they’d say.

Might and Magic 6 - Explored Ironfist Area

Pictured: The absolutely explored Fort Ironfist space.

The Temple of Baa is type of nearby, so we go there. We will quickly see it in the distance.

Might and Magic 6 - Temple of Baa

Pictured: The Temple of Baa, in the distance.

The doorway to all of the dungeons I’ve encountered up so far is a nice display with some animated artwork and a affirmation prompt to truly enter the dungeon. We’d as properly go in.

Might and Magic 6 - Temple of Baa entrance

Pictured: The entrance display to the Temple of Baa.

The first room is empty and uninteresting. The second room is large, nevertheless it additionally appears to be empty for some cause.

Might and Magic 6 - Huge Hall

Pictured: An enormous hall in the early part of the Temple of Baa.

On a sidenote, there’s this function where your get together characters typically say things depending on their surroundings. I’ts not very complicated, nevertheless it adds environment to the recreation.

As I’m opening the door to the second room, one of the feminine PCs, I’m unsure which, says she has a nasty feeling. I share the sentiment. All of the dungeons I’ve been to until now have been crammed with enemies. I’m anticipating a lure.

There isn’t one, though. The central wall has a puzzle involving the 4 seasons of the yr. There’s are four partitions, a door on every one and a sign of a selected material next to each of these doorways. The sings are copper, silver, lapis and wooden and they all say:

As the winds blow, the seasons change and solely at the end of all can the doorways be opened.

Might and Magic 6 - Temple of Baa Puzzle

Pictured: The door with the sign holding the puzzle.

Often with these puzzles, the hint is just not the entirety of the answer, however most of the time, the entire answer is hidden inside the dungeon itself.

Since I can’t touch the 4 doors without getting harm, I determine to explore the aspect rooms as an alternative.

The southeastern cave

One of the tunnels leads me to a cave with skeletal knights. At this level, I determine to provide the turn-based battle mode a attempt.

Might and Magic 6 - Fighting a bunch of skeletons

Pictured: About to struggle a bunch of skeletons.

Up so far, I typically gave turn-based mode a attempt, but ended up relying on the low cost backpedal and hearth technique.

As I stated, Might and Magic 6 is a recreation the place ranged injury is extremely overpowered. On the other hand, melee combat tends to be troublesome. All of your characters can get hit, the casters don’t have so much of health and therapeutic means you’re not spending magic to do injury. Because of that, the superior technique really is to only backpedal and shoot.

In this case, the point the place I’m contemplating the backpedal strategy is once I notice there are skeleton lords in the cave as properly. They’re the purple ones on the screenshots.

Might and Magic 6 - Skeleton Lord

Pictured: The re are skeleton lords in the cave as properly.

I determine towards it, although, and the battle is definitely quite enjoyable in turn-based. I can all the time backpedal later if I need to.

I proceed clearing this cave. There are principally skeletons, combined in with a number of spellcasters, as well as trapped loot.

The constructive end result of exploring this southeastern space of the temple was that I received about 1000 gold items complete, a dagger, a strong quantity of experience, and 1 meals. The adverse? Roderick, the Paladin, died whereas looking through a pile of skulls. Alexis, the Archer, was barely less unfortunate – she received cursed by a cleric and then went insane whereas looking through another skull pile.

General, the internet end result was that I had to retreat out of the dungeon and go to Citadel Ironfist to heal and refill my food provides.

Subsequent up, the southwestern passage.

This one has spiders.

Might and Magic 6 - Spiders

Pictured: The entrance to the spider cave.

Spiders appear to die more simply, but they will additionally poison you, which makes resting as a way to heal an issue.

I clear this cave as nicely. A Priest of Baa was giving me the most hassle, but the reward was value it, for my part. There were three cauldrons, each giving one point of permanent magical resistance to whoever used it. Roderick, the Paladin, was the recipient of all three bonuses.

Might and Magic 6 - Magical Cauldron

Pictured: The empty magical cauldron.

As you possibly can tell from the screenshot, the battle towards the priest took at toll on the celebration.

As earlier than, I had to return to Citadel Ironfist earlier than tackling the next half of the dungeon. The distinction this time was that some of my characters had enough experience to get to the next degree, which means I’ll be stronger once I come again.

Might and Magic 6 - Training

Pictured: The Royal Gymnasium.

As with earlier video games, you go to a coaching middle in a town with a purpose to degree up. The distinction right here is that for every degree, you additionally get factors to extend the power of your expertise.

Might and Magic 6 - Skill Screen

Pictured: Roderick’s expertise.

Every class in Might and Magic 6 has sure expertise they will begin with and certain expertise they will study inside the recreation. There’s an excellent quantity to select from, put the points are restricted, so you’ll be able to’t simply master the whole lot.

Properly, technically you would, since the degree cap is non-existent, however you in all probability wont over the course of a single recreation.

In this case, Roderick started out with swords, then decided to offer spears a attempt. Aside from that, he didn’t actually do much.

Let’s velocity things up a bit, we could?

In the interest of time, I’ll simply say that the northeastern and northwestern caves additionally contained spiders and skeletons. I obtained about 500 more gold, a magical dagger I’ll be selling and an extra improve in magic, in addition to hearth resistance for Roderick.

I did not, nevertheless, get any closer to solving the puzzle, so it was time to explore the non-cavernous area of the dungeon.

Might and Magic - Temple of Baa, Partially Mapped

Pictured: The auto-mapped cavernous part of the Temple of Baa.

The japanese wing

I’m going for one of the aspect passages, to the north, however the doorways there are all locked. I transfer on to the japanese wing, which instantly exhibits promise.

As I open the door to the japanese wing, a fireball hits me in the face. It’s a lure that retains launching fireballs through the hall. Fortunately, the hall is extensive enough for me to keep away from it, so it was solely the initial aspect of surprise that obtained me.

After climbing a set of stairs and preventing some clerics, I get to a big room with an enormous altar. The clerics and clergymen there are manageable, however the measurement of the room and the low number of enemies creates another one of these “I have a bad feeling about this” conditions.

Might and Magic 6 - Baa altar room

Pictured: The massive altar room on the upper flooring.

This time, I used to be proper. Making an attempt to gather an merchandise of the altar, which is the objective of a quest I’ve, summons a huge group of skeletons and clergy. It’s strategy to troublesome for my celebration to clear right now. Heck, even getting near the altar in any respect triggers the lure.

Might and Magic 6 - Altar trap

Pictured: Stepping close to the altar summons a big quantity of enemies.

I determine to postpone this for now and explore the the rest of the dungeon first.

The southern wing

The final wing I haven’t visited also has a set of locked doorways.

This time, nevertheless, there’s additionally an extended winding passage that ends with a statue.

Might and Magic 6 - Statue

Pictured: A searchable statue at the finish of an extended passage.

Looking it provides me a key which opens one of the doors, resulting in a treasure room.

Might and Magic 6 - Treasure room

Pictured: A treasure room.

It also summons a good group of enemies which I have to clear, however at the very least that’s half is doable, in comparison with the altar room.

The chest, aside from being trapped, accommodates the Bathhouse Key. I do not know which one of the rooms is the bathhouse, however we will all the time attempt them all.

It ends up opening one of the rooms in the northern wing, which actually does appear to be a bathhouse, and incorporates another chest, this time with the Storage Key.

Might and Magic 6 - The Bathhouse

Pictured: The Temple of Baa Bathhouse.

The Storage Room is in the southern wing and doesn’t look that a lot totally different than the first room I unlocked. The chest there summons extra enemies and incorporates the Secret Door Key.

Now that is where I run into an issue. The final remaining door doesn’t open with the new key. Based mostly on the merchandise identify, it’s obvious what sort of door it needs to be, but I look all over the place and can’t discover it.

I assume meaning it’s time for an enormous struggle at the altar room.

The altar room

I filter out the few remaining clerics and clergymen and rigorously loot all the corpses with out triggering the altar lure.

Simply as I’m about to get ready for the huge battle, I discover one thing behind the altar.

Might and Magic 6 - Secret Door

Pictured: The secret door behind the altar.

If that’s not a secret door, I don’t know what is.

The door opens a passage which leads me to the two in any other case unreachable walkways at the northern and southern edges of the altar room. This might be extraordinarily handy to no less than decide off the melee monsters that get summoned from a protected distance.

Might and Magic 6 - Temple of Baa walkway

Pictured: The view from the southern altar room walkway.

I attain two conclusions from this:

  1. I’m presupposed to rely on ranged assaults
  2. The reward for solving the key puzzle was principally to make the huge battle at the altar room easier.

Time for the huge battle.

I’m going to the altar and attempt to decide up the item, besides it’s not an merchandise, it’s only a gong. Curse you, historic pc graphics!

My aim is the similar, although. I ring the gong and make a run for it through the secret passage and to the northern walkway. Once I get there, I understand it’s higher than I assumed.

Might and Magic 6 - Shooting Gallery

Pictured: Let’s name this “The Shooting Gallery”.

All of the enemies are skeletons, in order that they don’t have ranged attacks.

It takes a while, however I clear them with none difficulties.

I take the gong (it truly was an item) and now I’m confused.

Might and Magic 6 - The Gong

Pictured: The temple gong, freshly picked off the altar.

The search I’m on requires me to discover a Chime, not a Gong.

Proper now, there are two hidden passages, one on every of the altar walkways, but each are locked. There’s also the the season-themed puzzle in the grand corridor near the entrance. Since I don’t have anymore keys, my only choice is to unravel the puzzle. The factor is, at this level, I’m considering a couple of prospects.

  1. I want to seek out something outdoors the temple to unravel the puzzle – this is typically the case in the Might and Magic collection, nevertheless it’s additionally more typically the case that I feel that’s what I have to do and I simply miss one thing inside the dungeon.
  2. I want to seek out some more hints inside the temple – good change that is the case, but how do I do know?
  3. The puzzle itself provides enough hints.
  4. I might just go together with trial and error.

I determine to provide it a go together with choice three, but end up counting on choice 4 to “solve” it. I knew the puzzle’s theme are the seasons of the yr and I knew the 4 indicators are made up of 4 totally different materials. My logic was to assign colors to seasons, however I couldn’t for the life of me work out the answer that means.

I gave all the mixtures a attempt and the right order was wooden, lapis, silver, copper. Fortunately with puzzles like this one, there’s a restricted quantity of mixtures anyway.

The room contained another treasure chest and summoned another group of monsters, except this one was meaner and nastier than any before.

Might and Magic 6 - Central Puzzle Room

Pictured: The central puzzle room, containing yet one more chest.

As soon as I finally cleared it, I obtained yet one more key, to the second bathhouse room.

As soon as extra, there was a gaggle of monsters, in addition to another key. Let’s minimize it brief again, though, we could?

One of the two remaining rooms contained the Chime of Concord.

The opposite contained gold.

Might and Magic 6 - Gold Vault

Pictured: Tons of gold!

It was about 10,000 gold in complete, truly.

Now it’s off to New Sorpigal to get that quest completed and then I’m going to waste all the gold on something fun. I’m unsure what, yet, although. In all probability coaching.

So there it’s.

That’s one, easy, early dungeon in Might and Magic 6. Positive, scripting this down as I’m enjoying slowed me down significantly, but even when purely enjoying, dungeons in this recreation appear to take hours to beat.

Hours I’m loving every minute of.

I hope you favored it to.