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Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford ran mass “hypnotic inductions” of psychiatric subjects as part of mind control research funded by foundation linked to “computational psychosomatics” neuro-hijacking (UPDATE 1) – Dave Hodges

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford ran mass “hypnotic inductions” of psychiatric subjects as part of mind control research funded by foundation linked to “computational psychosomatics” neuro-hijacking (UPDATE 1) - Dave Hodges

(h/t to The Gateway Pundit for the preliminary lead). In one other beautiful bombshell concerning the hoax accusations towards Brett Kavanaugh, we’ve now discovered and confirmed that Christine Blasey Ford co-authored a science paper that includes her finishing up mass “hypnotic inductions” of psychiatric subjects as part of a mind control program that cites strategies to “create artificial situations.”

Web sleuths are turning up a unprecedented assortment of proof that more and more factors to Christine Blasey Ford being concerned in mind control packages at Stanford, which some declare are run by the CIA. We’ve confirmed that Stanford College, the place Ford works, runs a “CIA undergraduate internship program” which is described in full at this recruitment web page for the CIA. The Stanford recruitment web page for the CIA explains, “You will be given the opportunity to work with highly-skilled professionals and see first-hand the role the CIA plays in supporting US officials who make our country’s foreign policy.”

We will additionally now affirm that Ford is listed as a co-writer of a research that carried out mass hypnosis and mind control on psychiatric subjects underneath the banner of “psychoeducation,” coated in additional element under.

A college professor named Margot Cleveland first tweeted the invention, which is now spreading quickly throughout the ‘internet:


Christine Blasey Ford confirmed to be a co-writer of the mind control research

The research was revealed within the Journal of Medical Psychology. The research title, summary and authors could be confirmed at this hyperlink.

Apparently, the research was funded by the Psychological Perception Foundation (see detailed monetary data, under) and was overseen by Dr. Lisa Butler of the Division of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences on the Stanford College Faculty of Drugs. You’ll be able to affirm these information at this hyperlink.

The complete textual content of the research paper describes strategies to “create artificial situations.” Right here’s some of the precise language from the paper, which may be seen in full at this hyperlink from

…help within the retrieval of necessary reminiscences,and create arti?cial conditions that might allow the shopper to categorical ego-dystonic feelings in a protected method.

[Subjects] got the Hypnotic Induction Professional?le (HIP; H. Spiegel & Spiegel, 2004) to consider their degree of hypnotizability and have been requested to full a baseline packet of psychosocial questionnaires assessing life occasions, common functioning, satisfaction with life, and points of temper (together with symptom ranges), character, well being, social help, traumatic expertise, and spirituality.

Therapist-led teams met as soon as every week within the Division of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford College Faculty of Drugs to take part in an intervention that included both meditation and yoga workouts or group remedy with formal hypnotic inductions.

From this revealed paper, co-authored by Christine Blasey Ford, we all know she is intimately conversant in mass hypnosis, self-hypnosis and mind alteration processes, all of that are being deployed on this staged “false flag” assault on Brett Kavanaugh. By means of rigorously crafted leaks, cowl-ups and media narratives, virtually half the nation has already been mass hypnotized into believing that an harmless man is a deranged serial rapist. Such is the facility of CIA mind control, deployed on a nationwide scale. (It additionally underscores the belief that all the function of the institution media just isn’t to inform individuals however to affect minds.)

The Psychological Perception Foundation additionally funded a research on “Interoception” and “neuroimaging” to control the mind via organic intervention

Should you enterprise even deeper down this rabbit gap, you discover that the identical Psychological Perception Foundation that funded the mass hypnosis / mind control research on which Christine Ford work additionally helped fund one other research referred to as “Interoception and Mental Health: A Roadmap.”

This research, accomplished in June of this yr (2018), is obtainable at this ScienceDirect hyperlink.

The summary for this research describes the important thing focus of the research:

Interoception refers to the method by which the nervous system senses, interprets, and integrates alerts originating from inside the physique, offering a moment-by-moment mapping of the physique’s inner panorama throughout acutely aware and unconscious ranges.

In essence, this research seeks to discover methods to control the mind by means of organic interventions by exploiting the “roadmap” of biology / neuro hyperlinks. When the complete map of how the mind interprets inner organic is known, it permits a sort of reverse engineering of the mind via interventions within the human topic. If this sounds acquainted, recall the current revelations concerning the projections of internal voices by way of sub-audible frequencies that may primarily “plant” voices and even emotional moods into the minds of focused subjects.

It’s well-known that U.S. embassy staff in Cuba have been lately attacked by secret “sonic weapons” that have been extensively reported within the media. As The Guardian reviews, the extent of mind control achieved via such organic interventions may cause focused subjects to be unable to recall particular phrases that may in any other case be of their vocabulary. The Guardian says:

At the least some of the incidents have been confined to sure rooms with laser-like specificity, and a few victims now have issues recalling particular phrases…

The blaring, grinding noise jolted the American diplomat from his mattress in a Havana lodge. He moved just some ft, and there was silence. He climbed again into mattress. Inexplicably, the agonizing sound hit him once more. It was as if he’d walked by way of some invisible wall chopping straight by means of his room.

Quickly got here the listening to loss, and the speech issues, signs each comparable and altogether totally different from others amongst at the very least 21 US victims in an astonishing worldwide thriller nonetheless unfolding in Cuba.

Some felt vibrations, and heard sounds – loud ringing or a excessive-pitch chirping comparable to crickets or cicadas.

Different signs have included mind swelling, dizziness, nausea, extreme complications, stability issues and tinnitus, or extended ringing within the ears.

Getting again to Christine Blasey Ford’s work on interoception / neuroimaging, the paper funded by the Psychological Perception Foundation brazenly admits that the neuroimaging “roadmap” can alter selections, conduct and even consciousness. It explains, “Recent years have witnessed a surge of interest on the topic of interoception due in part to findings highlighting its integral role in emotional experience, self-regulation, decision making, and consciousness. Importantly, interoception is not limited to conscious perception or even unique to the human species.”

Another fascinating textual content from the research:

Whereas interoception research to date has sometimes targeted on single organ methods, an expanded strategy that assesses a number of interoceptive organ methods and/or parts is required. Examples embrace concentrating on quite a few interoceptive options concurrently and using totally different duties that converge on the identical function (e.g., combining prime-down assessments of interoceptive consideration with backside-up perturbation approaches in the identical particular person)…

…a number of novel instruments are succesful of inhibiting, stimulating, or modulating the exercise of interoceptive mind networks. Noninvasive strategies embrace the appliance of transcranial magnetic stimulation (77), transcranial direct and alternating present stimulation (78), low-depth targeted ultrasound (79), temporally interfering electrical fields (80), transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (81), presentation of info throughout totally different phases of visceral rhythms (e.g., cardiac systole vs. diastole) (82), and evaluation of corticocardiac signaling (83).

Take a better take a look at these diagrams discovered within the research, which particulars strategies of “changing the world through exteroactions” and “changing the body through interoactions” so as to create “combined percept of the body in the world.”

“Computational psychosomatics”

The research brazenly discusses altering conduct and beliefs by means of the appliance of neurotechnology “inference-control loops” that “hijack” human anatomy to control minds. In essence, they’re modeling the neurology of a human being in phrases of firmware / software program / hardware, then hacking the system to set up their very own desired beliefs and behaviors. They even name it “computational psychosomatics,” they usually speak about utilizing torture methods to pressure the neurological maps out into the open, saying, “the degree of tolerance to being enclosed in a small dark chamber for 10 minutes might provide behavioral evidence verifying tolerance to triggers of interoceptive dysregulation.”

Within the language of the science authors:

Eliciting shock-minimizing (homeostasis-restoring) actions modifications the bodily state and thus interosensations. Which means inference and control of bodily states type a closed loop. Inference–control loops that reduce interoceptive shock may be forged as hierarchical Bayesian fashions (HBMs). Anatomically, HBMs are believable candidates provided that interoceptive circuitry is structured hierarchically 45, 94. Beneath common assumptions, HBMs make use of a small set of computational portions—predictions, prediction errors, and precisions 37, 95. These portions can help shock minimization in two methods: by adjusting beliefs (chance distributions) all through the hierarchy [predictive coding (95)] or partaking actions that fulfill beliefs about bodily states [active inference (96)]

Further particulars concerning the Psychological Perception Foundation

We aren’t alleging any nefarious, unethical or unlawful actions on the part of the Psychological Perception Foundation. Nevertheless, to assist different web researchers comply with the various leads now uncovered in all this, we’re publishing public info about this foundation that’s available in on-line public tax paperwork.

The Psychological Perception Foundation took in a whopping $18+ million in 2015, in accordance to tax data. Its tackle is 538 BROADWAY STE A, SONOMA, CA 95476-6602, which seems to be a single household home.

That tackle is the very same tackle listed by Virginia Hubbell Associates, a small agency that claims it provides “consulting services for family foundations.” Its shopper listing, discovered right here, consists of not solely the Psychological Perception Foundation but in addition:

Codding Enterprises
Levi Strauss Foundation
McKesson Foundation
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.
The Public Affairs Council
Sparkletts/Alhambra Water Firm
Science Alliance

Most of the shoppers seem to be genuinely useful organizations for society, however they’re in all probability value a re-assessment from web researchers. Notably, the Levi Strauss firm lately got here out in favor of destroying the Second Modification by pushing gun control.

What’s particularly fascinating is that Virginia Hubbell Associates was paid $341,375 in only one yr for “foundation management” providers, in accordance to this type 990-PF for 2015.

“Statement 11” of the doc lists the officers, administrators, trustees and key staff of the Psychological Perception Foundation. Notably, they’re all paid nothing apart from the treasurer. In different phrases, most of the administrators are paid nothing, however the administration advisor is paid $341Okay. We aren’t alleging any unscrupulous actions amongst these people. They’re public officers of a public foundation, listed in a public doc. These people are:

David Herskovits of Brooklyn, NY
Robert P. Bunje of Foster Metropolis, CA
Isabelle Kimpton of Incline Village, NV
Graham Kimpton of Fairfax, CA
Barry Bunshoft of San Francisco, CA
Len Dell’Amico of Fairfax, CA
Jennifer Catherine Egan of Brooklyn, NY
Laura Kimpton of Vineburg, CA
Kay Kimpton Walker of San Francisco, CA

For those who’re noticing lots of “Kimpton” names on this record, that’s in all probability as a result of one of the first sources of revenue for the Psychological Perception Foundation is the Kimpton Lodge Group, LLC, which generated $2.three million in income for the foundation in 2015. There’s nothing unlawful about that. It’s simply an fascinating observe.

The foundation donated cash to the next teams. We’re not alleging something nefarious on this record, by the best way. Slightly, these are leads for different web researchers to comply with. Many of the teams this foundation donates to seem to be associated to providing help for veterans, the homeless and integrative drugs:

Hoffman Institute, San Anselmo, CA
Amazon Watch, San Francisco, CA
Middle for Mind Physique Drugs, Washington, DC
Institute for Integrative Well being, Baltimore, MD
Jericho Venture, Brisbane, CA
Spirit Rock Meditation Middle, Woodacre, CA

Extra research underneath means… examine again for extra tales every morning and night.