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How Your Subconscious Is the Key to Improving Your Health and Changing Your Life : Conscious Life News

How Your Subconscious Is the Key to Improving Your Health and Changing Your Life : Conscious Life News


  • Most meditation takes you into alpha brainwaves. Hypnosis takes you into theta, a good slower brainwave and a state by which you grow to be highly suggestible
  • Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are nice tools that may show you how to overcome limitations that could be stopping you from implementing wholesome way of life methods
  • Your subconscious can have an effect on absolutely anything, each psychological and physical, so hypnosis can be utilized as a remedy adjunct for many well being points. It might even increase T cell counts, scale back bleeding and fight cancer cell proliferation
  • When considering hypnosis as a healing modality, hunt down a licensed professional with advanced coaching from the American Society of Medical Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis will increase the connection between the prefrontal cortex and the insula, which they consider allows the subconscious to take management over and influence the physique in accordance to its new programming

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

On this interview, Mike Dow, Psy.D., and writer of “Your Subconscious Brain Can Change Your Life: Overcome Obstacles, Heal Your Body, and Reach Any Goal with a Revolutionary Technique,” reveals how tapping into your unconscious by way of a contemporary type of hypnosis might help you heal thoughts, body and soul.

“Most meditation is alpha. Hypnosis takes you into an even slower brain wave, into theta,” Dow says, who skilled his first hypnosis session as a “deep, wondrous trance, almost dream-like.”

“I would say it felt magical, relaxing and wonderful. I sort of would have those twitches when you’re about to fall asleep, because my brain was letting go of its control of my physical body. I just felt supremely relaxed. In that moment, I became a convert.

I knew that this had the potential to heal so many things and do it in a natural way, because I also knew in that moment that everything that I was hearing, I was accepting … I was allowing it into my mind, and into my mind-body. That’s my experience. In that moment I said, ‘I have to write a book about this.’”

Medical Versus Layman Hypnosis

When contemplating hypnosis as a healing modality, it’s essential to hunt down someone who is correctly educated. Dow, a licensed psychotherapist, acquired his advanced training with the American Society of Medical Hypnosis (ASCH), which only accepts licensed well being care professionals and teaches the science of medical hypnosis, which is totally different from hypnosis faculties that practice laypeople in hypnosis.

“There is a sort of international congress that recognizes different organizations around the world. The ASCH is the largest training organization in the United States,” Dow says. “I trained with a large group of mental health professionals, physicians, dentists, who wanted to add clinical hypnosis to their practice …

The human brain is a really complicated organ, an entity. If you work with somebody who has training from the ASCH, you know they have years of training, a license and malpractice insurance. They can bill your health insurance, and also have additional training in clinical hypnosis.”

Overcoming Limitations to Health and Therapeutic

According to Dow, hypnosis is a superb software that can assist patients overcome limitations that could be preventing them from implementing healthy way of life strategies. He notes that our Western health care system is subconsciously coaching us to turn into conscious of symptoms.

“We are actually training our belief system to monitor what is wrong with us,” he says. For example, in the event you’re watching a business on TV for a drug, chances are you’ll begin fascinated with whether you might have these signs. Likewise, docs don’t usually ask you ways nicely you’re, they ask you to listing your issues.

“The subconscious is sort of the opposite of that. The subconscious is always looking for the place in your body where you feel the most relaxed,” Dow says. “You can then take that feeling and spread it around. It’s sort of a wellness model, which I really appreciate and I think people in this country, at least, need more of these days …

Electroencephalography (EEG) studies have found that hypnosis is using mostly the right side of the brain. It’s not thinking in words. It’s painting in pictures, in images, which is really fantastic if you have somebody with trauma, who has an overactive emotional center of the brain.

Their right side of the brain is overactive. We can sort of unstick that. I realized that you can integrate some of the old things that I was doing, sort of the more rational, logical dry therapies with this more, I would say, magical paintbrush, ethereal therapy of hypnosis and self-hypnosis.”

The Deep Hyperlink Between Your Subconscious Mind and Your Physique

While initially educated in cognitive behavioral remedy (CBT), Dow now integrates hypnosis in most remedy periods. And, while CBT tends to be efficient in about 70 % of instances, the addition of hypnosis significantly increases the effectiveness.

Dow cites a current mind scan research during which they found that hypnosis increases the connection between the prefrontal cortex and the insula, which they consider allows the subconscious to take control over the body. For instance, research have shown the placebo impact — an primarily subconscious process — is simpler in treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) than prescribed drugs.

“Now, all of a sudden, the subconscious can affect just about anything, not just the realm of mental health or the psychological, but just about anything in the integrative treatment model … It’s effective for so many things, from fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue syndrome …

It can boost T cells. If somebody is a cancer survivor and you want to boost your T cells in your immune system, the subconscious brain is a wonderful treatment strategy,” he says, including, “This is something that we can measure in blood samples.

I think when people hear that, it’s really evidence-based. We can now say, ‘OK, visualize your immune system attacking those malignant cells.’ We know that actually works. We could actually measure that. That has been proven in research, which I think is really exciting for people to know.”

Brain Waves and States of Suggestion

Brainwaves, from fastest to slowest are:

  • Gamma — The “aha!” moment; moments of perception
  • Beta — Normal waking, alert consciousness, comparable to if you’re focusing on your work, reasoning or worrying about one thing
  • Alpha — Deep rest, meditative consciousness
  • Theta — Dreaming (speedy eye movement or REM sleep)
  • Delta — Deep sleep

Once you’re utilizing hypnosis, self-hypnosis and acutely aware visualization methods, you’re in a state between beta and theta, somewhere between awake and asleep, but you’re acutely aware and conscious of what you’re doing.

Dow’s own EEG scans revealed principally theta brainwaves all through his mind, with the exception of the again of his occipital lobe which had beta brainwaves, which suggests the brain thinks it’s seeing one thing.

“Theta is a really fantastic brainwave. It is the jack-of-all-trades of brainwaves, because it allows the delete and edit button in your brain to work better,” Dow says.

“If you want to go back to something that you didn’t like during that day or from 10 years ago, and you want to delete or edit that file, or … if you want to reframe something and see something in a different way … highlight all the things you did right, and all of a sudden, that helps you to reframe.

Theta brainwaves are really good at that. Theta is also fantastic at helping the brain access memories. You’re going to find memories you couldn’t access while you’re awake in a conscious beta or an alpha state. It really is sort of a magical brainwave to a lot of people.”

Wake-Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD)

This hypnosis state is usually additionally referred to as wake-induced lucid dreaming or WILD. It’s a theta state, identical to the moment proper earlier than you fall asleep, through which you’re extremely impressionable.

“I use a technique with my patients — I have them imagine that they are having a dream. Sometimes I will tell them that they are dreaming. I will have them imagine there is a blank canvas in front of them. This blank canvas is going to be the dream they wish they’d had, that they’re going to enter the dream, and that this awareness is their entire awareness.

People, when they’re in a subconscious, brain-activated state, often report they feel like they lose sense of their body. They lose sense of time and space. Like what happens when you’re dreaming, you’re not aware of your body or where you are when you’re dreaming.

If you have this blank canvas or you intentionally have a dream, if I say on a count of “three, two, one,” the dream will begin, you possibly can truly paint goals and have these lucid goals.

If there’s an intention to the dream — for instance, if this dream goes to offer you some perception a few specific part of your life that you simply’re scuffling with — you simply let the unconscious grow to be untethered to paint that dream. Often, individuals will find something that they hadn’t discovered before.

It will be a new perception for them, which is actually exciting for individuals … It really is a form of lucid dreaming, which I really love … Individuals really do appear to be they’re in speedy eye movement sleep as nicely …

In research after research in main peer-reviewed journals, hypnosis combined with CBT is simpler than either alone. My acutely aware visualization method combines these strategies. Whether or not we’re talking about fibromyalgia, most cancers, smoking, alcoholism, nervousness issues or melancholy, it works time and time again.

In the event you’re speaking about something like a phobia, I used to treat phobias the old style approach, with graded exposure … Baby step by child step, your mind learns which you can tolerate the thing you worry. Nevertheless it goes actually slowly … Once we supercharge that remedy with the unconscious, it really works wonders. It makes the remedy go much quicker.”

Hypnosis can even change your bleeding fee. Dow cites a research by which sufferers have been informed during hypnosis that they might bleed less. A management group didn’t get that suggestion. The blood loss of every individual was then measured, displaying the hypnosis group truly bled less.

Improving Compliance With Subconscious Suggestion

Getting and staying healthy requires follow-through, whether or not it’s changing your food regimen, exercising moreor getting more sleep. While few way of life strategies are actually troublesome to implement, compliance might be a problem for any number of causes.

Life modifications require a bit of self-discipline in the beginning, until you’ve shaped a brand new behavior. Right here, self-hypnosis is usually a actually invaluable device. In his e-book, Dow particulars the protocol for his unconscious visualization method. He additionally supplies both written and audio information of several sample scripts you should use and modify for self-hypnosis.

“What I suggest is that in the beginning people use the audio tracks. As they get better at using the technique, they start to modify it for themselves. I use my own scripts on myself all the time, but I’m always changing it.

Whatever I need that day, I just close my eyes and I’m sort of talking to myself. What’s really great is people can start to tweak. They see the language of the subconscious brain. They can start to really customize it however they need.”

Here’s a fast abstract of the steps:

First, contemplate your acutely aware thought patterns, comparable to pessimistic considering, catastrophizing, worst-case state of affairs considering or polarized considering. Dow particulars seven pitfall thought patterns that gasoline your acutely aware considering.

“You want to know throughout your conscious waking life, ‘What is your conscious brain doing that is causing this cycle?’ A lot of people that I treat report that when they get caught in a negative paralysis by analysis thought pattern, it’s like a broken record.

They can’t stop thinking about that negative thought. The conscious brain just takes them around and around. That actually leads to really fast beta brainwaves, and they can’t get out of it. So, the first step is to realize what we are trying to change in the conscious brain,”Dow explains.

Next, you activate your unconscious using Dow’s “3-12-7 technique,” which starts out with mindfulness meditation. First, notice three sounds that you simply hear. Then take discover of two colours — one shade on the again of your eyelids when your eyes are closed, and one at the prime of the crown of your head as you inhale.

On the subsequent exhale, permit your eyes to drop, which can sometimes take you into a light-weight trance. Subsequent, protecting your focus in your breath, think about descending a flight of 12 steps, permitting your self to turn into more and more relaxed with every step. “By the time people get to the end of that, their subconscious brains are really activated,” Dow says.

Subsequent, imagine yourself floating upward to the rely of seven, allowing your physique to feel heat and mild. “By the time they reach seven, it’s a really, really deep state of subconscious activation,” he says.

In step three, you float backward into your chosen memory. Once your subconscious mind is activated, reminiscences are going to start to really feel real. At this level, you possibly can reimage and edit that memory. At this level, Dow also incorporates bilateral stimulation, which encourages your eyes to flutter from aspect to aspect, as they do throughout REM sleep.

“Bilateral stimulation brings the left hemisphere of the brain online, because we know that emotionally charged memories usually get stuck on the right side of the brain, in the emotional center. The negatively emotionally charged memories are sort of too much on the right side of the brain.

We want you to make sense of your experience, bringing it more on the left side. That’s what [bilateral stimulation] does. I’m going to have you play the scene. I’m going to have you edit the scene. If you’d like, delete that scene altogether. Then all of a sudden, that memory sometimes … emotionally disappears. They rationally now know that it happened, but they don’t emotionally feel that it happened anymore.”

Next, imagine floating ahead in time, back to the present. See your self right now, and discover what’s totally different.
Then, float yourself forward into the future, and see yourself doing whatever it is you need to give you the chance to do, be it face a phobia, stick to a weight loss plan or go to the fitness center. See yourself performing the activity the means you need to give you the chance to do it. In accordance to Dow, analysis exhibits that when your subconscious wires sure elements of the mind together, and unwires others, it seems like issues happen effortlessly. Dow explains:

“When you’re deep in a hypnotic trance, if I tell you that you will start to love snakes, or that you will effortlessly want to wake up at 8 a.m. and jogs will become enjoyable and cool, or that fasting will be something you will just love to do and will give you boundless energy, it will be something that you will look forward to, [these behaviors] will just start to unfold as if it’s happening effortlessly, as if you don’t have to consciously do it.

We think it’s because it’s the way that the brain unwires itself. It’s almost like it’s happening by an outside force, which is really fantastic.”

In the last step, you bridge your unconscious and acutely aware mind. Dow explains the process:

“I give people a touchpoint. I give them a little button on their dominant index finger, so that when they need a reminder of what they discovered here today in their conscious life, they can press that button, and it brings some of these positive memories, images back for them.”

Myths and Misconceptions About Hypnosis

Many consider they’re just not suggestible sufficient to get into these states where private transformation can occur however, in accordance to Dow, this simply isn’t true. “I have yet to encounter somebody who is not hypnotizable when they use my technique,” he says. Another fantasy is that you simply’re both hypnotizable otherwise you’re not. The truth, nevertheless, just isn’t that black-or-white.

“Remember that it is a skill,” Dow says. “As you use it, you will become better and better. You will go deeper and deeper. It will become more and more effective every time you use it … I recommend using my program a few times a week.

I shared a case example of somebody who felt relief after one or two sessions. But when we look at the research for conditions from anxiety disorders and depression to smoking, weight loss and IBS, most of the data show that the more people practice — we’re looking at eight sessions, 16 sessions, 32 sessions — that’s when we’re really finding results.

I think people should use this as a practice. Also, remember, just like meditation, self-hypnosis is really the shift from a sympathetic nervous system activation, or fight-or-flight, to a parasympathetic, rest-and-digest dominant state. You are teaching your brain in your body to relax … Many issues flare up when there’s stress present. The more you use this practice, the more relaxed, the calmer you’re going to be.”

Another widespread false impression is the worry that you simply is perhaps induced or motivated to do something underneath trance that you simply wouldn’t normally do if absolutely acutely aware. Dow puts such considerations to relaxation, saying:

“All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Remember that the mind is a very suggestible entity in general. As long as you have somebody who has your best interest at heart … [who is] unbiased, [they’re] not going to plant false memories … [or] lead you into anything that you don’t want to do.

It is your subconscious brain that is going to lead you to ultimate health and healing … Your subconscious is actually conspiring in your favor. I think that’s really good news …

The subconscious is really a tool that we all use every day. If you’ve ever been searching for a name and it just pops into your brain hours later, your subconscious was looking for that name the whole time. That was your subconscious brain conspiring in your favor, helping you. You didn’t even realize it.

I think our subconscious brains can be used for our own health, our own healing. We can use it for good. If we give our subconscious brains a little bit of love and a little bit of attention, they can help us with a lot more in our own daily lives.”

Extra Info

To study more about this fascinating and accessible self-help device, be certain to decide up a replica of “Your Subconscious Brain Can Change Your Life: Overcome Obstacles, Heal Your Body, and Reach Any Goal with a Revolutionary Technique,” out there from most bookstores, including Amazon.

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