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How to Implement Special Time with Kids to Improve Behavior


His high-pitched shout echoed down the corridor.

“Buddy, please just go put on your shoes. I don’t want to ask you again.”

“I don’t want to!”

I sighed loudly as I braced myself for yet one more showdown.

My five-year-old had been pushing all my buttons for weeks. He was cranky and would balk at the simplest requests. The sass had reached an all-time excessive.

On prime of that, he was incredibly needy regardless that we have been spending virtually day-after-day together.

I was at my wits end, and I felt like our relationship was actually struggling. It was a type of seasons in parenting once I was at an entire loss for what to do next, although I knew something had to change.

Ever been there?

When you have, you recognize it’s not a fun place to be.

It was during this time of desperately looking for some answer, when a parenting webinar led me to the work of Dr. Laura Markham and her guide, Peaceable Father or mother, Completely happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Begin Connecting.

The title immediately caught my eye. I longed for a peace-filled house, and naturally I needed comfortable youngsters. What mother or father doesn’t?

Sheer frustration had me yelling far more than I ever imagined I might, and I knew the connection with my son was struggling tremendously in consequence. This guide couldn’t arrive fast enough!

I dove right in, and once I learn the section about spending particular time with youngsters, a light-weight bulb went off.

I noticed although my son was around me for a big a part of each day, we frequently weren’t spending quality one-on-one time collectively. Together with his little brother to look after, alongside with the overall busyness of life, I just wasn’t paying enough attention to him. (It pains me to say that aloud.)

His neediness that, at occasions, was downright exhausting was a clue. His defiance and cranky angle? Also clues. I was not giving him the connection time that he needed.

I didn’t know if having particular time with my son was going to convey concord again to our relationship, but I was eager to give it a shot.

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Make Peace With Your Past - Peaceful Parent Happy Kids-Cover-285X420In accordance to Dr. Markham, “Special time is simply time that you spend one-on-one, focusing solely on your child.” In her ebook, Dr. Markham shares six key elements of special time with youngsters: avoiding structured activities, saying “yes,” letting your youngster lead, studying as an alternative of educating, don’t ask questions,and staying present.

I sat down and journaled about how I might apply these elements to my parenting. Here is what I got here up with…

Avoiding Structured Activities

While my son would in all probability take pleasure in displaying me the newest degree he has achieved on his video game, one of these exercise doesn’t actually assist us connect as a result of we’re both targeted on the display fairly than on each other.

A greater guess? Activities which might be more playful and encourage communication and imagination, like building a fort or enjoying tag.

My son and I really like to build Legos collectively. We get to construct our pieces and homes or spaceships, after which we make up a narrative to go along with it  and have our Lego figures move round. It stretches both of our imaginations and I get to discover out more about what is absolutely occurring inside that head of his.

Saying “Yes”

special time with kids - say yesTake into consideration how many occasions you might have to tell your youngsters “no” throughout the day. I was shocked to catch myself saying “no” on a regular basis!

If there’s something that your youngster needs to do that you simply had to say “no” to earlier, special time is a superb opportunity for you to say “yes!” There are specific games in our home which might be nonetheless off limits to my youngest, but my oldest loves enjoying them when it’s just the two of us.

I also like to have a day of saying “Yes.” Can we go to the park? “Yes!” Can we get ice cream? “Yes!” Today the place every part is Sure and nothing is No helps to reset our relationship. It turns an abnormal day into one thing artistic and kooky!

Letting your Youngster Lead

Nothing ruins special time with youngsters quicker than mom or dad laying down the regulation about how issues ought to go. I truly once obtained into an argument with my son about how many bracing posts have been needed to ensure that our fort to keep upright. (Not one in every of my finer moments.)

Was I making an attempt to be helpful? Sure. Did it help? Um . . . no.

Once we permit our youngsters take the lead, we give them a chance to achieve self-confidence.

In accordance to an article featured on, we may also help our youngsters construct vanity by letting them “take risks, make choices, solve problems and stick with what they start.”

We additionally find out slightly extra about them. What do they assume is necessary? What activities do they gravitate in the direction of? What is particular to them? It’s a magical journey.

Studying As an alternative of Educating

Special time with youngsters is a singular alternative the place you get to experience the world by way of the eyes of your baby. Allow them to train you a factor or two for as soon as. You is perhaps stunned at what you study!

This also provides your youngster an opportunity to achieve mastery of a new talent. In any case, educating someone else how to do one thing is a good way to improve your personal understanding!

Once we comply with our youngsters as an alternative of pushing them from one exercise to another we let them begin to expertise mastery of a subject. Sal Kahn, of Kahn Academy has prompt that if we give the child as much time as they need to master an activity we permit them to set the inspiration for later learnings.

Don’t Ask Questions

special time with kids - don't ask questionsThroughout special time, youngsters are allowed to let their imaginations run wild as they interact in free play. Asking a bunch of questions can interrupt their practice of thought, and ship them right out of this artistic considering mode.

According to an article written by Alice Sterling Honig, Ph.D, “creative power increases a young child’s desire to learn and supports intellectual development.” Each time a toddler is inspired to let their artistic juices movement, their creative-thinking talents grow.

Stay Present

This can be a toughie! In case you are anything like me, your thoughts is consistently racing with lists of to-dos and duties. It is onerous at occasions to disconnect from the demands of life and simply focus on your baby. However in case you are only partially invested in special time, your baby will decide up on that.

Put the telephone away. Flip the television off. Look into your youngster’s eyes. Research his sweet face. Drink all of it up. They’ll solely be this age once.

Advantages of Special Time with Kids

Now that you recognize what special time with youngsters is and the way to greatest implement it, you could be questioning about the benefits of this dedicated one-on-one time. According to Dr. Markham, particular time reconnects our youngsters with us, provides them the prospect to share any huge feelings they is perhaps experiencing, and deepens our empathy for our baby.

Special time provides us an opportunity to repeatedly join with our youngsters in a means that’s significant to both the mother or father and the kid.

Once I began implementing particular time with my son regularly, things shortly started getting in a way more constructive course!

Easy requests from me have been accomplished with little or no fuss as an alternative of turning into major battles. His common angle in the direction of me improved, and he was rather more content material enjoying on his own after we had spent some high quality time together.

Have been things all of a sudden good? No. However there have been undoubtedly noticeable modifications.

In addition to the constructive modifications with his conduct, particular time has benefited me in other ways I wasn’t expecting!

So typically we are so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, we overlook to simply pause and really respect our youngsters. Special time permits me to concentrate on so most of the little issues I completely love about my son—his creativity, the joy he finds in making an attempt new things, his humorous character, and his distinctive method of viewing the world. Having the ability to spend this special time with him is such a present.

How Much Time Does it Take to be Special?

By this point, you may considering, “This sounds great in theory, but how much time are we talking about?”

Ideally, special time with youngsters ought to final for no less than 10 minutes per day. In fact, the more time you’ll be able to spend really connecting with your youngster the higher, however typically 10 minutes is all I have. And here’s how I make it work.

We not permit screen-time after dinner. The time between when dinner is over and when the bed-time routine begins is spent with one another, fairly than watching a display. (This goes for both mother and father and kiddos!)

I all the time attempt to flip the notifications off on my telephone during particular time or put it on vibrate. Put it in the other room if the temptation to verify it is an excessive amount of.

Since I have two youngsters and the key to particular time is one-on-one consideration, having my husband engaged with our youngest while spending one-on-one time with my oldest is a win/win for all of us.

If a spouse or other family member isn’t out there to assist, attempt establishing one thing in your other youngster/youngsters to do after which hold special time in a unique room. Keep in mind, even 10 minutes per day works wonders when finished persistently.

No Drama DisciplineTypically, I want to truly plan it into our schedule. On these days that we spend plenty of time away from house, I find it useful to work out exactly when I’ll make particular time happen. Treating it like an necessary appointment helps make it a precedence.

Associates, when you’ve got multiple youngsters and are feeling overwhelmed on the thought of making an attempt to carve out 10 minutes per kiddo per day, simply do one of the best you’ll be able to! This isn’t an all or nothing concept. Any time spent in connection with your youngster is implausible!

Even with just some minutes of true connection you can begin seeing a much less reactive youngster and a deeper relationship with your baby. In their guide No-Drama Self-discipline, Dr. Daniel J. Siegel and Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, additionally spotlight how this type of connection with the mum or dad begins to enable the mind to “more effectively communicate with and override the lower, more primitive impulses.”

In other phrases, connecting with your youngster truly helps them develop higher self-regulation.

In our fast-paced world, dedicating time every day to simply join with our youngsters can feel like a luxury moderately than a given. But your efforts towards creating this special time with youngsters can be nicely value it. Joyful connecting!

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2-Minute Motion Plan for High-quality Mother and father

Take a number of moments to mirror on the next questions:

  • What are the obstacles that hold me from really having the ability to give attention to my baby(ren), and what can I do to alleviate a few of those obstacles?
  • What are some time-traps I fall into every day that could possibly be higher spent having fun with one-on-one time with my baby(ren)? (Ex: scrolling on Facebook, checking e-mail, and so on.)
  • Are there any actions that my youngster has been wanting to attempt that I have sometimes stated no to? Is there a means I might incorporate these activities into our particular time?

Ongoing Action Plan for Wonderful Mother and father

Put aside time each day this week to connect with each of your youngsters on a one-on-one basis.

You won’t give you the chance to begin with thirty minutes per day. AND THAT’S OKAY! But begin with what you’ll be able to – even a few minutes – and work your approach up from there. Keep in mind, any effort is best than no effort! Schedule it in simply as you’d another essential appointment.

During this time, put aside all distractions. Spend time really targeted in your baby and luxuriate in this time collectively.