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Greek Yogurt Facts, Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Greek Yogurt Facts, Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Greek Yogurt Fast Information


Greek Yogurt


Greece, Center East or Central Asia






Tangy, much less candy


97 Kcal./cup

Main vitamins

Vitamin B-12 (31.25%)

Vitamin B2 (21.38%)

Phosphorus (19.29%)

Protein (18.00%)

Selenium (17.64%)

Health advantages

Reverse melancholy, Weight reduction, Forestall yeast infections, Helps digestion, Handle blood strain

Yogurt is a fermented milk product which presents digested lactose and viable bacterial strains resembling Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophiles. It’s a nice supply of varied important vitamins corresponding to potassium, calcium, protein, vitamin B12 and B2 and phosphorus. Greek yogurt is a strained yogurt which is extensively strained to discard whey and lactose ensuing thicker textured yogurt by preserving distinctive bitter style of yogurt. Just like different yogurt, Greek yogurt is produced from milk enriched by boiling off some water content material or including powdered milk and additional butterfat. In North America and Europe, it’s made with fats free or low fats yogurt. Usually, it’s referred as Greek fashion yogurt in Britain and is extensively consumed in Japanese Mediterranean, Levantine, Central Asian, Center Japanese and South Asian cuisines. The straining course of eliminates extra whey and non-fat varieties are a lot richer, thicker and creamier compared to yogurt which isn’t strained. Greek type yogurt in US makes use of extra thickeners akin to starches, pectin, guar gum, starches, locust bean gum are used as an alternative of straining. In US and Western Europe, the recognition of strained yogurt has elevated compared to unstrained yogurt. The straining course of discards some lactose and it has decrease sugar than unstrained yogurt. Because of this, Greek yogurt is larger in protein with low carbohydrates and sugar. Greek yogurt acquired originated in elements of Europe about lots of of years in the past. The goat and cow milk have been fermented first to delay its shelf life.

Few meals reminiscent of Greek yogurt is wholesome even in small serving sizes. It grants important vitamins and additionally help to drop some pounds, retains intestinal system wholesome, promotes female well being, increase immunity, improve bone density, promote thyroid perform and aids digestive system.

  1. Reverse melancholy

Analysis has been carried out on mice feeding Lactobacillus (probiotic micro organism present in stay cultures yogurt). The micro organism affected temper and offered direct hyperlink between psychological well being and well being of intestine microbiome. On the idea of this discovering, researchers have a tendency to verify with melancholy sufferers. The identical mechanisms and organic substances Lactobacillus used to have an effect on temper in mice is noticed in people additionally suggesting that the impact is similar. (1)

  1. Weight reduction

In addition to train, one ought to have nutritious diet to offer affect over weight. It incorporates twice protein and much less sugar that makes one glad for longer time interval. The consumption of 200 energy from protein, the physique will get solely 160 energy after processing. So consumption of excessive protein is efficient for shedding weight.

  1. Forestall yeast infections

Fungus candida is liable for inflicting yeast infections which lives in vaginal tracts of girls naturally. Often it happens when the great micro organism reside in our intestine and even vagina turns into worn out. Greek yogurt is loaded with probiotic micro organism i.e. important for pure flora’s wellbeing. It supplies limiting impact on yeast so these infections could possibly be prevented.

  1. Helps digestion

Greek yogurt additionally promotes digestive micro organism which have an important position in aiding digestion and outcomes waste. Digestive issues happen when these cultures are inadequate. The poor probiotic cultures causes’ malnutrition, as vitamins can be arduous to get absorbed and suffers frequent diarrhea. It’s essential to take care of cultures properly stocked and additionally fine condition as little micro organism are useful for well being.

  1. Handle blood strain

Excessive consumption of sodium is the primary trigger for hypertension which happens with concurrent deficiency of different minerals. Greek yogurt presents the minerals regulating blood strain comparable to calcium, magnesium and potassium. It stability electrolyte concentrations or relaxes blood vessels.

  1. Improve bone density

Greek yogurt has important bone constructing vitamins similar to magnesium, calcium, Vitamin D and phosphorus. The vitamins are important as individuals ages particularly to lady. Osteoporosis is related to deficiency of those very important vitamins.

  1. Strengthen immunity

Greek yogurt has immune boosting anti-oxidants. Vitamin D and probiotics helps to reinforce immunity. Probiotics help the best way of selling variety of white blood cells to counteract pathogens.

  1. Thyroid well being

Greek yogurt is beneficial for lactose intolerance because of its distinctive approach probiotic tradition digest it. The straining course of results in much less sugar making it digestible simply to majority of individuals. It’s useful for these recovering from surgical procedure. Being digestive pleasant, it assists intestines with important good micro organism.

  1. Formation of blood

For the formation of blood, it requires greater than iron. Greek yogurt requires extra co-factors reminiscent of Vitamin B12. Vegetarians discover it troublesome to get satisfactory quantity of Vitamin B12 from their weight-reduction plan. The consumption of yogurt helps to settle these deficiencies.

  1. Muscle well being

Protein is should for these making an attempt to realize muscle mass. Meat is a superb supply of protein however apart from it, Greek yogurt can also be an ideal option to acquire protein. It could possibly be consumed any time even at exercise interval, throughout day and earlier than mattress.  Yogurt incorporates each casein and whey protein which provides combo of quick and sluggish digesting amino vitamin.

  1. Wholesome gums

Calcium is useful for tooth in addition to bones. Probiotics might hold more healthy gums. An consumption of Greek yogurt helps to decrease the most cancers sores improvement and the current most cancers sores to heal a lot quicker. Sugar in low content material additionally enhances tooth decay.

  1. Improve temper

Intestine has a nerve which is called Vagus which immediately relay alerts from intestine to mind and vice versa. It clarifies why nervousness leads to nervous abdomen and how yogurt promotes wellbeing. By decreasing the probabilities of intestinal issues and buffering impact of cortisol, the nerve transmits mind that calm is achieved. In response, mind creates extra serotonin and calms itself. Thus, Greek yogurt is useful for intestine.

Tips on how to Eat         

  • Often it’s used to make dips served with dates.
  • Serve it as a aspect dish or dessert.
  • Mix Greek yogurt with oats for making muesli parfait.
  • It might be added to muffins and pancakes.
  • Put together breakfast smoothie by mixing half frozen banana, half cup of milk, handful child spinach and half cup of Greek yogurt.
  • Mix half avocado, freshly floor black pepper, little lemon juice and Greek yogurt and pour it over crunchy salads.
  • It could possibly be used as an alternative to cheese and macaroni and different baked pasta dishes.
  • Make creamy mashed potatoes by mashing it with boiled potatoes.
  • Puree Greek yogurt with canned pumpkin and sprinkle cinnamon on it.
  • It’s used as an alternative of bitter cream in cheesecake recipes.
  • Use it as a base for fruit smoothies as an alternative of utilizing juice or milk.
  • Greek yogurt can also be used as an alternative of oil for marinating fish, hen and pork.
  • Make Greek yogurt sherbet including little lemon juice, honey, lemon zest and freeze it until agency.
  • Use it as an alternative to mayonnaise.

Tips on how to retailer?

The shelf lifetime of Greek yogurt depends upon the best way it’s saved. All dairy merchandise must be stored within the fridge instantly to maintain recent for longer time interval. Retailer the yogurt container for very long time (a month or two) by freezing them. Seal the container tightly to maintain it recent. The perishable items when stored at room temperature for greater than 2 hours is susceptible to progress of dangerous micro organism.


  • An excessive amount of consumption of yogurt is dangerous.
  • The common consumption of Greek yogurt result in constipation.
  • Some individuals may expertise fuel issues.
  • Eat it in average quantities.
  • One ought to select model correctly.

Different Information        

  • Yogurt cultures are the micro organism used for making yogurt.
  • The micro organism ferment lactose and produce lactic acid which acts on milk protein for offering the feel or attribute tart taste.
  • As early at 3000 BCE, Turkish shepherds have been turning milk into yogurt.
  • Nationwide Greek Yogurt Day is widely known on November 9.
  • Greek yogurt incorporates half carbohydrates and half sodium of normal yogurt.
  • Yogurt has excessive degree of lactic acid which reinforces pores and skin well being. It’s used as a moisturizer for revitalizing dry and uninteresting pores and skin in India.











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