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Exposing the Democratic Party Inspired Communist Takeover of America Complete with FEMA Camps and Genocide – Dave Hodges

Exposing the Democratic Party Inspired Communist Takeover of America Complete with FEMA Camps and Genocide - Dave Hodges

This flag was on show being supported by Democrats outdoors of Wells Fargo Area . America is in the midst of a Soviet-Fashion Bolshevik Revolution. 


Individuals ceaselessly ask me why I cite Trevor Louden’s production, Enemies Within? The most important purpose I do is because he’s right. It it Louden’s rivalry that the communists and numerous Muslim terrorist groups have deeply penetrated the Democratic Party and many of these “converts” are serving in Congress. It just so happens that Louden has help from former long-time Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, Congressman West and ex-CIA officer, Robert David Steele.

The second purpose I have promoted Louden’s work is because we’ve got been on parallel paths. He tells who’s behind the Deep State takeover of the nation. I’ve accomplished the research and can tell the historical past of what is occurring to America. The top outcome related with this takeover might be FEMA camp incarceration and genocide as predicted by Bill Ayers, the man who began Obama’s political profession.

How does a man get elected President after serving less than one full term as a U.S. Senator? Does being a group activist/antagonist qualify one for the highest workplace in the land? Have been the Soviet defectors right in that Obama is the manifestation of a multi-generational plot to deliver America to her knees? It’s straightforward to grasp how and why Putin would need to destroy America. But is Obama is his confederate in this mission which might imperil all of us?


Former FBI Weatherman Activity Pressure supervisor, Max Noel, famous that the FBI utilized a CARL check when it carried out background checks on numerous suspects. The acronym CARL stands for Character, Associates, Fame, and Loyalty is used to evaluate candidates fitness to carry the highest office in the nation. On each of these four factors of power, Obama fails and fails miserably. Like many FBI regulation enforcement brokers and officers, Noel was alarmed by the reality that someone like Barack Obama might seize the presidency. For some unexplained cause, Obama was never vetted earlier than he turned a candidate for the presidency by the FBI. That is an unacceptable outcome of our national security system and is wholly suggestive of inner plot to allow the installation of a blatantly communist advocate into the highest political place in America.


Did you actually assume Alger Hiss can be the final communist traitor to serve in a high degree US governmental place? Obama was predicted by Soviet defectors. 

Via the testimony of high-ranking Soviet defectors, it could clearly be established that the Russians have been engaged in a multi-generational plot to destroy the United States from inside and from without. Domestically, the Russian communists are in the midst of completing a coup d’état, with the assist their communist stooge, Barack Obama. In the following paragraphs, the verbatim statements of excessive ranking Soviet defectors are provided as proof of these claims. The primary three defectors tell how the Soviets are setting the desk for America’s demise. Stunningly, the fourth defector warns our nation of a Manchurian candidate sort of leadership whose job will probably be handy over a weakened America to the Russians. And what does Steve Quayle say about this? He says America will probably be attacked by Russia and China once we descend into civil conflict.

In the present day, many people have been able to now vet the President after Obama’s first six years in office and noticed his “elementary transformation of America“. This specific collection will proceed to attach the dots of the secretive and nefarious communist background of Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama Moves To Obscure His Background

With the common warning by Russian defectors that a traitor was waiting in the wings, it’s time to reveal the true nature of the Manchurian candidate who sat in the Oval office for 8 years, via a quick examination of his relations with CIA affiliations alongside with their publicity to the MKULTRA thoughts control experiments being carried out at the University of Hawaii.

With the stroke of his government order pen, newly elected President Obama shortly moved to seal off his data from public view after his election. Nevertheless, he was too late to utterly disguise his background as researchers, corresponding to Wayne Madsen, who beforehand discovered vital  info to reveal that what Obama has omitted, is that his rare rise to power can solely be explained by his household’s CIA roots.

The election of Barack Hussein Obama is the end result of what the Soviet defectors have been warning America about for decades in that Obama’s ascendancy to the Presidency was half of a documented lengthy-term strategic plan to recruit selected candidates into intelligence, whereas guiding these people and their households into excessive-rating intelligence group positions before executing the meteoric rise to power by one of their very own. For example, George H. W. Bush was a former CIA director, and CIA member going again to the 1950’s and because of Wayne Madsen, we now know that Obama’s household was CIA and not just CIA, however a CIA thoughts managed family.

Obama is the Soviet messiah as he’ll ultimately turn out to be generally known as the Second Coming of Stalin if the communists complete their takeover of America. Obama had been prophesied by Soviet defectors Lunev, Golitsyn, Suvorov and Bezmenov, and he got here to satisfy his mission. Sadly, for the communists, Obama was unable handy off the completion of his mission to Clinton, who can be the one who would ship America to the New World Order. Trump happened and America briefly awoke.


Part I of Obama’s Grooming for Treason: The Obama Household’s CIA Background

Query: What does  Barack Obama and the “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski have in widespread?

Reply: Each Kaczynski and Obama had vital exposure to the MK-ULTRA experiments; Kaczynski at Harvard and Obama at the University of Hawaii and the Ford Foundation a lot earlier. Outrageous?

The following paragraph represents quoted excerpts from Wayne Madsen’s distinctive investigation into the Obama household CIA background:

“President Obama’s personal work in 1983 for Enterprise Worldwide Company, a CIA entrance that carried out seminars with the world’s strongest leaders and used journalists as brokers abroad, dovetails with CIA espionage activities carried out by his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham in 1960’s publish-coup Indonesia on behalf of a quantity of CIA entrance operations, including the East-West Middle at the College of Hawaii, the U.S. Agency for Worldwide Improvement (USAID), and the Ford Foundation. Dunham met and married Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather, at the East-West Middle in 1965. Soetoro was recalled to Indonesia in 1965 to serve as a senior army officer and help Common Suharto and the CIA in the bloody overthrow of President Sukarno….   Soetoro worked for the elitist Ford Basis, World Financial institution, Asian Improvement Financial institution, Financial institution Rakyat (the majority government-owned Individuals’s Financial institution of Indonesia), and the CIA-linked USAID while she lived in Indonesia and later, Pakistan….. Barack Obama, on the other hand, cleverly masked his own CIA connections in addition to those of his mom, father, step-father, and grandmother (there’s little or no recognized about Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham.“

Madsen painstakingly and conclusively demonstrated that nearly all of Obama’s kinfolk have been CIA operatives. Madsen has discovered much more CIA connections to Obama’s first employer. Madsen additional went on to explain how Obama’s family was clearly exposed and was intimately related to MK-ULTRA’s mind management program at the College of Hawaii. Information Wars also carried Madsen’s expose and it is obtainable right here.


It’s a Small World, After All

President Obama’s household and former Ex-Goldman Sachs government, Ex-Treasury Secretary and World Bank chief,Tim Geithner and his family  have been joined collectively at the hip for decades. Tim Geithner’s father worked for the CIA in the Rockefeller funded Ford Basis in Asia. Geitner’s father was in charge of micro-finance for the Ford Basis for all of Asia. From Wayne Madsen’s work, we know that President Obama’s mom was in charge of micro-finance in Indonesia. The Hollywood producers couldn’t make this plot up. Geithner’s father was Obama’s mother’s boss. It is doubtless that Geithner’s father tagged Obama as a possible presidential CIA Ford Foundation, properly–groomed Manchurian candidate.

Further info comes from the discovery that the two universities that Obama attended, Harvard and Columbia, have been prime CIA recruiting grounds. The Ford and Rockefeller Foundations continued to fund Columbia’s Soviet research packages by means of the early 1980s, where Obama was a scholar. And would anybody care to guess what Obama was learning?

Trilateral Commission co-founder, former National Safety Adviser to Carter and Obama’s former professor and now political handler.

Obama was enrolled in a Soviet studies program taught by Zbigniew Brzezinski. And to those that are new to NWO conspiracies, one may marvel who’s Brzezinski?  Brzezinski was the former Nationwide Safety Adviser beneath President Carter. However extra importantly, he was also the co-founder of one of the most influential globalist organizations in all of historical past, the Trilateral Commission. If you understand your New World Order history, you will have chills going up and down your spine as you learn these words. We must be aware that Brzezinski, in his e-book, Between Two Ages: America’s Position in the Technetronic Period (1970), that he laid out the NWO conspiracy to regulate all nation states and usher in a totalitarian world government.

There are two chilling quotes by Brzezinski in his aforementioned e-book that come directly to bear on Obama and his meteoric rise to power:

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America’s Position in the Technetronic Period

“In the technetronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason.”

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America’s Position in the Technetronic Period

In the second quote, Brzezinski is clearly calling for the set up of CIA/MKULTRA mind control leaders. At this time, Brzezinski would his former understudy, Obama, a President with an plain “magnetic and attractive personality exploiting the latest communications techniques designed to manipulate emotions and control reason.”

Comrade Obama’s ascension to the presidency has been a long time in the making. Apparently, Barack Obama’s past associates especially the communist terrorists which funded his Harvard legal schooling and finally launched his political career as an Illinois state senator, specifically, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, have been in lockstep with Obama his whole adult life. Nevertheless, Dohrn and Ayers weren’t the first to indoctrinate Obama with the Marxist communist philosophy. For that info, we have now to begin with Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama’s actual father, Frank Marshall Davis, was a member of the Communist Party and a former Soviet Agent who was underneath FBI investigation for a complete of 19 years. In 1948, Davis moved from Chicago to Hawaii abandoning a colleague named Vernon Jarrett, father-in-regulation of Senior White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett. Sure, the Jarrett’s are communists as properly. Both Jarrett and Davis wrote for a left wing newspaper referred to as the Chicago Defender through which they espoused a communist  takeover of the United States Government. In 1971, Davis, based on Joel Gilbert, reunited with his then 9-yr-previous son, Barack Obama, and schooled him in the methods of being a superb communist for the next nine years.

The Ultimate Levels of Training the Manchurian Candidate

Including extra gasoline to this communist hearth, it’s fascinating to notice that both Senior White Home Advisers to Obama, David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett have been each also “Pink Diaper Infants, during which they have been the sons and daughters of properly-to-do mother and father who desired communism and lived out their goals by way of their youngsters’s revolutionary actions. Other notable purple-diaper infants also embrace such notables as Rahm Emanuel and Eric Holder. Jarrett’s state of affairs is particularly fascinating in that her family and the Ayers household have been multi-generational associates which also included a wedding between the two families. Much of the Obama administration is a nest of properly-established communists and this could serve to gravely concern each American citizen.

Following the nine years of mentoring and parenting by Frank Davis, Obama made some essential communist connections which finally led to him obtaining a powerful school schooling financed by some very familiar communist activists, specifically, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. You keep in mind Invoice and Bernardine, don’t you?

The Prairie Hearth ebook was co-authored by Dohrn and Ayers, and, quite unbelievably, it was dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy’s murderer. A former FBI informant, whereas showing on The Widespread Sense Present, Larry Grathwohl, revealed that he testified in a courtroom of regulation that Ayers and Dohrn had direct involvement in a terrorist plot which killed San Francisco police sergeant, Brian V. McDonnell, by a bomb made and planted by these Weathermen Underground terrorists. How are Bernadine Dohrn and husband Bill Ayers not in jail? The only logical rationalization is that Ayers and Dohrn are and have been CIA belongings whose mission it was consisted of guiding the younger communist, Barack Obama, and his authorized schooling and later, launching his political profession. If Dohrn was not a CIA asset, then how can anybody clarify how she teaches at a outstanding college with her felony background, conviction and the time she briefly served in jail?

Grathwohl additionally revealed on The Widespread Sense Show that he requested Ayers, in a gathering of about 25 properly-to do Weatherman, most with superior degrees from Ivy League Universities, what the Weathermen planned to do once they achieved their aim of a communist take over the government. Grathwohl said that Ayers paused for a second and then stated that it was doubtless that about 50 million People should be re-educated in focus camps situated in the American Southwest and that about 25 million would have to be eliminated, which means that they must be murdered. Invoice and Bernardine’s Climate Underground had the help of Cuba, East German intelligence and the North Vietnamese. I consider that Obama might find yourself being the achievement of the Ayers “re-education prediction, and with the power granted to Obama by the NDAA, that he will fulfill Ayers’ promise to Grathwohl to murder 25 million Americans who cannot be “re-educated”.

During the Vietnam warfare period, Ayers championed black civil rights and he and Dohrn additional chastised white society for their remedy of blacks. Grathwohl also revealed that Ayers needed to help the starting of a race warfare by killing whites, from supposed black villains, and then blaming whites to be able to begin a race warfare. How eerily comparable does this sound to the Charles Manson Household and their Helter Skelter plans to execute that very same objective? While Grathwohl was infiltrating the Weathermen, Ayers ordered FBI infiltrator, Grathwohl, to explode a Detroit police substation to which Grathwohl stated that a nearby restaurant, the place many blacks ate would endure many casualties. Ayers replied that some should die for a revolution to proceed.

Ayers and Dohrn raised a foster son, Chesa Boudin, who labored for the late Hugo Chavez, communist dictator in charge of Venezuela. Chesa Boudin was the baby of Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, members of a Climate Underground spin-off group who went to jail for an armored automotive theft that resulted in the murders of two cops and a security guard. Dohrn served seven months for her position in the theft and that is the cause that she is ineligible to turn out to be bar licensed as an lawyer. Is anyone else uncomfortable with the incontrovertible fact that Ayers and Dohrn have been the ones primarily answerable for educating Obama with the communist funds and then subsequently launched his political career from their front room? Nicely, it’s true, please read on.

Allen Hulton, a 39 yr veteran of the postal service, offered a sworn affidavit to Maricopa County, AZ. Sheriff investigators, led by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, in an effort towards figuring out whether or not former FOREIGN school scholar, Barack Obama, was eligible to be placed on Arizona’s 2012 election ballot. After reviewing Hulton’s affidavit, it is apparent that Ayers and Dohrn have been actually the de facto adoptive mother and father to this overseas scholar destined to turn into the first illegitimate President of the United States. In consequence, Obama was handled to the best Ivy League schooling that communist backed money might purchase as Hulton maintains that the Ayers’ repeatedly informed him that they have been financing the schooling of a promising young black FOREIGN scholar at Harvard. Hulton also testified that he met Obama whereas at the Ayer’s residence and he asked Obama what he was going to do with all his schooling, to which Obama politely answered:

“I am going to become the President”. Readers ought to take word that this is an affidavit, and as such, is formally thought-about to be evidence, not conjecture or rumour. There might be no different conclusion that the communist terrorist, Bill Ayers, and his father, the former head of Con Edison, Tom Ayers, started grooming Obama to develop into America’s first communist President. Bill Ayers and President Obama’s relationship continues into the present time as it’s on report that Ayers visited the White Home in August of 2009.


I feel it is probably that the Weatherman Underground was a CIA created false flag operation simply designed to help the communist inspired group with the capability to undermine the nation and that Obama represents the Weatherman’s best achievement. The Weathermen have been nothing greater than mere Soviet collaborators that Soviet defectors had previously us warned about.

We also know that Obama’s communist affiliations continued properly into his adulthood as a result of of the good work of Joel Gilbert who discovered that Obama was lively with a Weathermen Underground help group referred to as The Might 19th Communist Group, in New York. Perhaps, that is why Ayers was visiting the White Home in 2009.


The Communists Brazenly Declare Victory Upon Obama’s Election

Frank Chapman, a communist activist and a member of the communist front group generally known as the World Peace Council. Chapman clearly used the time period “mole” to describe Obama. He stated Obama’s political climb and subsequent success in the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries was “a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle.” Chapman additional said that, “Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary ‘mole,’ not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through. The Communist Party USA backs Obama to the hilt.” It’s clear that Obama is their man!


As a result of of the psychological principal, cognitive dissonance, no amount of direct or circumstantial proof would persuade some those that the highest political position in the nation has been compromised by a communist plot spanning a number of many years. The time period cognitive dissonance refers to a person who acquired info so surprising, so upsetting, that they can’t adequately course of that info and then as an alternative deny the validity of the proof that anybody else might see. In case you are one of the cognitive dissonance varieties, please permit me to ask you a number of questions.


Who was Obama’s basketball coach in high school? The President has a point of basketball expertise as he defeated former NBA participant and sports activities broadcaster, Clark Kellogg, in a recreation of pig (how applicable) in front of a national TV viewers. Who was Obama’s historical past instructor in high school? Why don’t we see interviews with his former professors, academics, coaches, childhood pals and his first woman pal? Who in the hell is he?

There are not any visible solutions to those questions are there? But still the cognitive dissonance crowd nonetheless persists with their abject denials. To them, I say let’s decide a person by his actions, not his words. Has Obama’s actions served to help or harm America? Do his Presidential actions match up with his communist background? It’s a simple, maybe, groundless accusation that Obama is actually the manifestation of what Soviet defectors warned us about when these said that America’s management would develop into compromised and lead America down the path of destruction.

We hear about the Deep State that infiltrated the US government. Individuals marvel how so many leftist judges obtained appointed? How did the Democratic Party swing to date to the left? When one follows the proof path, there might be no other conclusion. We’ve been taken over by communists, most appointed to government position during the Obama years. What’s going on is a minimum of a communist invasion. They recruited members of organized crime (eg Pelosi) and members of Congress, 80 of them, who could be compromised and bribed. These individuals introduced you HOMELAND Safety. They introduced you the Patriot Act and the NDAA where you may be simply snatched off the road with out an y due course of. These are the people who will use FEMA camps as extermination facilities and they’re on the verge of completing their takeover.