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Do-Re-Meaningful Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘The Sound Of Music’

Do-Re-Meaningful Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘The Sound Of Music’

With regards to naming a number of of your favourite things, many people would put The Sound of Music on their listing. The famed musical film tells the story of a potential nun named Maria, who turns into the governess to the Von Trapp household shortly earlier than World Warfare II.

Though the movie stays as well-liked as ever, there’s lots followers might not know — together with behind-the-scenes drama and obtrusive variations between the actual and fictional Von Trapps. The hills are alive…with the sound of enjoyable information!

1. “Edelweiss,” by which Captain Von Trapp serenades the flower of his native Austria, stands out as an iconic tune. Most viewers assume it’s a basic Austrian people track, but that’s not the case! Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote it specifically for the play.

20th Century Fox

2. Although the movie remains a favourite in america, Austrians themselves never really received into it! There are official Sound of Music excursions, however those cater virtually solely to international vacationers.


three. Actress Charmian Carr had to endure a ton of pain throughout her “16 Going on 17” dance quantity. After slipping by means of a glass pane and hurting her leg, she had to wrap up her ankle in bandages for the remainder of the scene.

20th Century Fox

four. Though he later befriended Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer was sour on set. He stated working with Julie was like “being hit over the head with a big Valentine’s Day card” and mocked the super sentimental film as “The Sound of Mucus.”

Wochit Entertainment

5. The movie model of the Von Trapp’s lives took some artistic liberties. It portrays Maria as a mild caretaker who breaks the youngsters out of a army way of life. In reality, she was much more strict and took more authority over the household than her eventual husband.

Huffington Submit

6. Mary Poppins hadn’t yet debuted in theaters in the course of the filming of The Sound of Music. So when Julie Andrew entertained the child actors between takes by singing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” they thought she was making it up!


7. Have you ever needed to see 007 go undercover as a musical celebrity? That James Bond mission hasn’t come to cross, however studio heads did eye Sean Connery for the position of Captain Von Trapp. 

8. The actual Von Trapps didn’t mountain climb out of Austria (although it did make for a great movie ending). They left within the standard trend just earlier than the nation’s borders have been sealed, and america welcomed them in as refugees.

20th Century Fox

9. Generations of movie buffs know and love Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta, and Gretl. Little do they know that each one the Von Trapp youngsters’ names have been modified for the movie! The actual ones have been Rupert, Agathe, Maria, Werner, Hedwig, Johanna, and Martina.

ABC Information

10. One well-known face you gained’t see in behind-the-scenes pictures is the actual Maria Von Trapp! Director Robert Sensible stated she bossed across the forged and crew, so he stored her at a distance. Filmmakers additionally uncared for to invite her to the premiere!

20th Century Fox

11. Richard Dreyfuss almost received an opportunity to indulge his musical aspect long before Mr. Holland’s Opus. As a boy, the actor almost gained the position of Friedrich, nevertheless it turned out he couldn’t dance for his life. That led casting administrators to say, “So long, farewell.”


12. Assume making films is straightforward? Properly, for the famous opening scene, Julie Andrews needed to repeatedly run up a mountainside! She also had nothing more than a light-weight gown to wear during hours and hours of standing outdoors on an unseasonably chilly spring day.

13. The Sound of Music has the distinction of profitable the Oscar for Greatest Image and the Tony for Greatest Musical. Only three other productions matched this feat: My Truthful Woman, A Man for All Seasons, and Amadeus.


14. Maria first shared her unimaginable story within the 1949 bestseller The Story of the Trapp Family Singers. Nevertheless, she unwittingly bought away the movie rights for the guide, which means that the Von Trapps by no means collected any direct income from The Sound of Music.


15. The basic movie had a quasi-remake with The Sound of Music Reside! NBC broadcast, a reside staging of the musical play headlined by American Idol star Carrie Underwood. Whereas it brought in large scores, critics felt usually underwhelmed.

NBC / Will Hart

16. Not all of the characters in The Sound of Music have been based mostly on reality. Writers utterly invented Rolf, Liesl’s love interest who falls in with the Germans, so as to add one other dramatic storyline to the musical.

ABC News

17. Debbie Turner, who played Marta, stored having baby tooth fall out during production. To maintain her mouth from wanting totally different every take, filmmakers had to provide her with false tooth.


18. Each Maria and Georg Von Trapp admitted that they had absolutely no romantic feelings for each other at first. But in contrast to within the movie, they received married lengthy before they fled Austria — 11 years, in truth!

Press Association Archive

19. Nevertheless, sparks did fly when certain forged members first met. Despite enjoying father and daughter, Christopher Plummer and Charmian Carr had a mutual attraction. Holding issues skilled, they never let their relationship transcend flirting.

YouTube / M Bueller

20. Captain Von Trapp wasn’t the only position that nearly had a unique actor. Primarily a stage performer, Julie Andrews was fairly green when it came to film. Studio heads needed an enormous identify like Doris Day — who did cover the title track a couple of years earlier. 

21. Does Von Trapp family pal Max Detweiler look familiar? That’s Richard Haydn, a British character actor who popped up in just about each previous movie and TV present you’ll be able to consider. Naturally, he appeared in Bonanza, the long-running Western with a popularity for famous visitor stars.

22. In contrast to different exhibits that put one big-name star above the remaining, Bonanza handled all its essential forged members as equals. It even rotated their names in the opening credits in order that no single actor would persistently get prime billing.

Cyber Breeze

23. Actor Pernell Roberts obtained fed up with the present, as he thought they played it too protected. After the sixth season, when Adam Cartwright left for good, Pernell struggled to seek out work. In 1979, nevertheless, he landed the titular position in Trapper John, M.D.

24. Wild west gunslingers carry revolvers, not phasers, but that didn’t stop a lot of the Star Trek forged from showing on Bonanza. They didn’t cease by the Western for charity, either. Surprisingly, guest stars often acquired larger pay than the primary forged.


25. Fan favorite Dan Blocker died unexpectedly toward the top of the present’s run. Few different packages ever handled the demise of a lead actor, however Bonanza took it in stride. They rewrote their scripts to include Dan’s character Hoss additionally passing away offscreen.

26. Bonanza virtually didn’t last. Early on, Perry Mason routinely trounced it in that time slot. As the primary network Western filmed in shade, nevertheless, it received a huge increase when viewers started shopping for shade TVs and turning away from previous exhibits in black and white.

27. Ladies in the Cartwright family tended not to fare too properly. Most love interests met an premature finish or left town, including all three of Ben Cartwright’s wives. Writers made this selection because film cowboys often remained unmarried.

28. Consider it or not, producers conceived the catchy Bonanza theme music earlier than they even found out the present’s plot or forged! A non-instrumental model turned an enormous hit within the 1960s. Numerous artists coated it, including the Man in Black himself: Johnny Cash.

Weiner Elementary

29. In 1963, Dan Blocker capitalized on the present’s reputation and opened a restaurant. Bonanza Steakhouses — later renamed Ponderosa Steakhouses — started to pop up everywhere in the country. Dozens of places still function across the U.S. — and the Center East!


30. In the early 1970s, M*A*S*H producers have been considering Dan Blocker for a lead position. It by no means got here to cross, however he would have been good based mostly on his real-life expertise! Dan truly saw action within the Korean Warfare and acquired a Purple Heart for his service.

31. Bonanza tackled fairly a number of social points from a progressive standpoint, however they nonetheless leaned on stereotypes for the Cartwright’s Chinese prepare dinner Hop Sing. On prime of that, NBC didn’t pay actor Victor Sen Yung much, so he had to launch a collection of Hop Sing cookbooks to make ends meet.

32. Ben Cartwright is among the prime TV dads of all time, and but actor Lorne Greene wasn’t even old enough to have three grown sons! He was solely 44 at first of the show — just 13 years older than the person enjoying his eldest son, Pernell Roberts.

33. Dan Blocker was as huge in actual life as on the small display as Hoss Cartwright. At 14 pounds, he broke data as the most important baby ever born in Bowie County, Texas. Dan additionally reached a peak of six ft by the time he was 12 years previous!

34. After a collection of rejected scripts, star Michael Landon received approval to write down a number of episodes of Bonanza. Years later, he took those forgotten scripts and turned them into plots for Little House on the Prairie, through which he additionally co-starred.

ABC Information

35. While all of Bonanza’s forged members dabbled in music, Lorne Greene scored a primary hit! His spoken-word ballad “Ringo” topped the charts in 1964, though some confused report consumers thought it had one thing to do with Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. In actuality, the music was about an outlaw.

36. The young Michael Landon was forged for his attractiveness, though he didn’t exactly have the stature of a rugged rancher. His cowboy boots had four-inch lifts inbuilt so his bigger co-stars wouldn’t dwarf him.

37. Except for Hop Sing, the show’s most beloved recurring character may just be Sheriff Roy Coffee. The Virginia Metropolis lawman appeared in 98 episodes and sometimes lent the Cartwrights a hand in sticky situations.

38. Historically speaking, an enormous inspiration for the Ponderosa Ranch was the Comstock Lode. This big vein of silver caused an explosion of commerce and settlement in Nevada within the 1860s. Also, the phrase bonanza comes from a Spanish time period for a discovery of wealthy minerals.

King One Eye

39. Creator David Dortort’s concept for the show additionally borrowed quite a bit from the legend of King Arthur. He noticed patriarch Ben Cartwright as a Western model of Arthur, and his sons because the loyal Knights of the Round Table.

40. The character Sweet Canary was well-liked with followers however mysteriously vanished from the show after 1970, only to reappear years later for the present’s remaining season. What occurred? Actor David Canary was holding out for a better wage and wouldn’t work until producers gave in.

41. Excluding Michael Landon, all the show’s stars wore hairpieces sooner or later within the collection. Lorne Greene’s toupee even fell off throughout one scene the place he had to dive into a lake. He put it back on underwater earlier than any of the crew would notice.

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