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What’s the Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life? How to Find Your “Goldilocks Zone”

By Dr. Joseph Mercola | Trendy health analysis gives many potent reminders that bodily exercise is one of the greatest “preventive drugs” for many...

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Add Years To Your Life Span: Do This ONE Thing! (So Simple It Will Surprise You!) : Conscious Life News

By: Dr. Mercola | What number of hours do you sit every day? For those who’re unsure, do a fast tally. For most individuals, slicing this quantity...

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1.2 Million-Person Study Reveals How Much Exercise You Need to Benefit Mental Health (Plus 4-Minute Workout Video) : Conscious Life News

Exercise three to 5 days every week for 45 minutes is the “sweet spot” that leads to the best psychological well being positive factors Going past this and...