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By Peter Paul Parker | Waking Occasions

I’ve been researching into our world and the differing viewpoints of many people in my humble search for the truth of my actuality. It has led me into some fantastic emotions of utopia, freedom and love. It has also led me into some very dark corners the place I see the worst of human energies are expressed. I say human, properly my analysis makes me marvel about human energies and nature. I’m now of the understanding that our power is discerning, and when expressed with out preconceptions, conditioning and manipulations they are truly amazingly good. In my quest to seek out the solutions to the issues on the earth, I am finding the problems and deep seated conditioning in me. I will situation this article with a comply with up to share how I have achieved this. Again to the matter in hand. Who are these individuals expressing the darker aspect of the energies we will use and to what finish?

I have appeared into the banking system and seen a method of making cash for us to use that creates cash out of skinny air after which costs curiosity on that money. I know that may be a very simplified approach of taking a look at it, nevertheless it very quickly explains why we’ve got more debt on the earth than precise cash. It is scandalous. I have appeared into politics and even studied it at college and now realise that the entire system is broken. The European Union is a basic example of that with company pursuits assembly with the European Commission regularly with complete disregard for the peoples of Europe. I additionally see that our medical system is totally broken as human beings at the moment are by far the sickest species that lives on our planet. And I mean, by far!!!!!! Our schooling system can also be broken as many individuals are dropping primary expertise to mend and restore issues and depend on the firms to provide us with every part. I see a world that’s moving into utterly the flawed path with no concern for who we are and what we’re doing on this earth.

By far probably the most horrific research I’ve carried out is on non ionising radiation. This is the radiation that’s used for our wi-fi methods. I have written about these subjects up to now and listed here are the links in case you haven’t seen the analysis I’ve already accomplished on this matter. (here, and right here)

We now have a looming menace, and I see it’s a menace, that 5G is going to cover the entire planet and there might be no escape from this. Firstly I might say that on hearing this, I did look for the checks that took under consideration the precautionary rules to prove, no doubt, that this know-how is protected, and truly found none that was conclusive. So we nonetheless have about 70% of the research that’s peer reviewed, stating that this analysis is hazardous to human health and 30% says that it isn’t. There has been no change there. What we have now as an alternative is a race to get this know-how out, and we are given the notion that we must be the primary to implement this technique as a number one mild on the planet to be probably the most technologically superior. This can be a mislead make you take a look at the advancement of know-how relatively than the security of it.

Cellular or cellphone use just isn’t solely hazardous to your physical health. Additionally it is damaging to your group. That is about your potential to socialize diminishing and your consideration span as a human being falling under the attention span of a goldfish, in line with a research by the Microsoft Company. One other research exhibits that the typical one that uses a cellular phone touches it 2,617 occasions per day in accordance with research firm Dscout. Excessive users or the top 10% within the research, truly touched their telephone 5,400 occasions day by day. Also research is displaying that these interactions are giving the users dopamine hits, which is your joy hormone, which is making the consumer hooked on the actions of utilizing the telephone. The place that is resulting in is a tip toe to transhumanism, which I’ll get into later on this article.

I’ve watched many broadcasts from the UN to native courtroom hearings in regards to the roll-out of 5G and I’ll put the hyperlinks on the finish. Listed here are what a number of the individuals are saying, most of them being professionals in a sure line of work. These are usually not tin hat conspiracy theorists watching one YouTube video and then spurting out lots of loaded half truths. These are critical individuals. Here’s what a few of them had to say.

The know-how has not been examined for the consequences on human beings, or even wildlife. The know-how coming shall be broadcasting at 60 gigahertz. This is the absorption spectrum of oxygen molecules. This has been deployed within the US as a weaponised system. You don’t mess with oxygen molecules. 30 days with out food you may be hungry and probably close to demise. 3 days without water you’ll be very thirsty and probably near demise. 3 minutes without oxygen, you will in all probability be lifeless. What happens at the molecular degree when you might have oxygen molecules being bombarded with radio frequency emissions at 60 gigahertz? It affects the orbital properties of the electrons, and the haemoglobin’s potential to bind to the oxygen molecules. This is completely horrific and psychotic.

One scientist says that 5G is identical know-how as HAARP. All of the antennas are positioned subsequent to one another, every one phasing at a unique frequency. These antennas can give attention to units and even human our bodies. This know-how is already being used not solely by the Army Industrial Complicated, however by the American Police. It’s used to disperse crowds. When this know-how is directed at a human physique, you are feeling like your pores and skin is on hearth. Do you actually need this type of know-how on every lamp submit in your dwelling area? If this is not ringing alarm bells with you already, then unfortunately you’re one of the sleeping plenty. Increasingly more individuals are coming to the conclusion that governments the world over are wanting on the individuals they’re imagined to be caring for as the enemy and we have to be tracked each movement of our lives. Look how many have accepted actuality TV and have great pleasure in watching individuals hanging out in a house. We are being weaned to simply accept this. I find it absolutely absurd that you simply stay a life so uninteresting you need to watch one other individual dwelling one other uninteresting life, however they are a star in order that they have to be value watching. Beam me up Scotty!!!!!!!!! Because of this I’m positive many individuals are going to simply accept this surveillance state believing they’re reaching movie star standing because they are being watched.

A few of the frequencies used are similar to frequencies of the interior workings of human beings. DNA distance is round 1 millimetre, the place the strands talk with one another, which is identical as the millimetre waves used with this know-how. It particularly harms the mitochondria in embryos. So when the eggs are creating in the grandchild in the womb, the mitochondria in these eggs are killed off with this radiation. They have carried out this research and tested on rats within the ’60s and found that the rats will survive but they grow to be extinct because of the injury to their reproductive organs after three generations. Also this radiation lowers testosterone and sperm rely. We have now already seen an enormous drop in sperm counts throughout the West. Mercury from vaccines and radiation causes autistic youngsters based on many various research on this matter and we are seeing a rising autistic population in the USA. That reality, with the GDP of USA now falling under the level of the nation’s debt, we’ve by no means seen something like this in human history. So I’ll maintain asking, why are we the sickest species on the planet? Give it some thought.

More proof nonetheless that the wireless know-how is affecting many people is the sensation of tiredness that people who find themselves a bit of electro hypersensitive really feel. The wireless know-how does intrude with the mitochondria which create power in all your cells. Your physique has a tremendous capability to create power, and this wi-fi know-how stops this power creation from working correctly. How many individuals have you learnt who can’t sleep and are drained all the time? Some of this is because of the exposure of EMFs.

Listed here are some quotes from scientists the world over speaking out about what they see to be the issue with the 5 G roll out.

5G will use pulsed millimetre waves to hold info. But as Dr. Joel Moskowitz points out, most 5G studies are misleading as a result of they do not pulse the waves.

“Along with the 5G there is another thing coming – Internet of Things. If you look at it combined the radiation level is going to increase tremendously and yet the industry is very excited about it…. they project 5G/IoT business to be a $7 trillion business.” ~Prof Girish Kumar, Professor at Electrical Engineering Dept at IIT Bombay


“The new 5G wireless technology involves millimetre waves (extremely high frequencies) producing photons of much greater energy than even 4G and WiFi. Allowing this technology to be used without proving its safety is reckless in the extreme, as the millimetre waves are known to have a profound effect on all parts of the human body.” ~Prof Trevor Marshall, Director Autoimmunity Analysis Foundation, California


“The plans to beam highly penetrative 5G milliwave radiation at us from space must surely be one of the greatest follies ever conceived of by mankind. There will be nowhere safe to live.” ~Olga Sheean former WHO employee and writer of ‘No Safe Place’


“It would irradiate everyone, including the most vulnerable to harm from radiofrequency radiation: pregnant women, unborn children, young children, teenagers, men of reproductive age, the elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill.” ~ Ronald Powell, PhD, Letter to FCC on 5G enlargement


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