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20 ‘Modern Family’ Facts That Are Even Wackier Than The Characters On The Show

20 ‘Modern Family’ Facts That Are Even Wackier Than The Characters On The Show

In Trendy Family, America noticed itself reflected on the display. By shedding mild on households with multiple marriages, age gaps, and diversity, the show tackled useful dysfunction and celebrated id. Audiences have now been cackling on the silly situations the Dunphy and Pritchett households wind up in for over a decade!

Characters are the basis of the present: the slapstick self-dubbed “cool dad” Phil Dunphy makes fans smile, and the much younger Columbian stepmother Gloria — along with the uptight happily married homosexual son Mitchell — heat all viewers’ hearts. So, with such an enormous ensemble forged, naturally, quite a bit happened off digital camera that factored into the show’s success…

1. Ed Noticed Opportunity: When Ed O’Neill — who played Al Bundy in Married… With Youngsters — first learn by means of the Trendy Household script, he recognized greatness. So much so that he predicted the show would last ten years. And wouldn’t you understand it, it did!

Ace Showbiz

2. Virtually Not Phil: Ty Burrell is Phil Dunphy. Nevertheless, initially, the present’s creators weren’t convinced the actor was right for the half. To check him, that they had him and Sarah Hyland act out their father-daughter roles in the creator’s own residence.


three. Attainable Phils: Different actors might have probably taken the position of Phil had his audition not gone so scorching. Rob Huebel regretted passing up the part, but he scored a spot as Phil’s rival, Glen Whipple. Two different curious decisions have been Matt Leblanc and Hollywood novelty Brendan Fraser.

4. Sarah’s Well being: Her character could be a bit of a shallow teenage goof, but Sarah Hyland has needed to face critical private hardships. In 2012, she acquired a kidney transplant from her father while battling kidney dysplasia. Unfortunately, her physique rejected it, and she or he had to bear a second transplant from her brother in 2017.

Sarah Hyland / Instagram

Because the process, her well being has improved, however her every day life consists of regular medicine, steroids, and at occasions, bed rest. Fortunately, the present took steps to make sure Sarah’s therapeutic took precedence: the forged and crew wore surgical masks to avoid the potential for infection.

W3 Stay Information

5. Jesse Inspired Mitchell: Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s dad had to be informed three separate occasions his son was homosexual for it to truly stick in his mind. When the writers discovered about Jesse’s threefold coming-out story they had to make Mitch do the same.

6. Household Friction: These days, Ariel Winter is an Instagram Queen recognized for spreading the message of body positivity, however her upbringing wasn’t all the time been probably the most supportive. On the set, Ariel’s mother brought about a variety of controversy by criticizing her daughter’s weight and appearing capability.


Ultimately, the cycle of negativity was broken. In 2012, Ariel was faraway from her house after claims of emotional and bodily abuse have been launched towards her mom. Fortunately, in 2016, she was granted emancipation from her mother and father.

Ariel Winter / Instagram

7. Cam The Clown: Lengthy earlier than he ignited spit-takes on primetime, Eric Stonestreet beloved the push of getting an excellent snort. With supportive mother and father and a grandma that was an ace on the stitching machine, he juggled and entertained at native birthday parties as Fizbo The Clown.


eight. Wealthy Family: Though it’s unclear why, demographics revealed rich individuals are massive fans of Trendy Household. In reality, the show ranked #2 in households earning $200,000 plus yearly. The most popular among the many well-to-do? The Walking Lifeless.

9. First Kiss: An off-the-cuff kiss between Mitch and Cam within the background of a scene was the primary kiss by a homosexual couple to air on primetime television. Cross the tissues, this show’s historic influence can’t be understated!


10. Hiding The Evidence: Julie Bowen auditioned for Claire getting ready to giving delivery! In the pilot, cereal packing containers conceal her large belly, as Julie was expecting her twin boys, John and Gus.

Mental Floss

11. Pure Blonde: Show makers felt Sofia Vergara’s naturally blonde locks would confuse individuals, as some viewers won’t understand Columbian individuals are typically blonde. Kind of ridiculous to assume that’s the rationale they dyed her hair darker, but she rocks each!

Load TVE

12. Ju-Jitsu Jay: In season 1, Jay places Mitchell in a sleeper hold for instance of his Brazilian preventing prowess. He says, “I learned this joke from the Gracie brothers.” In actuality, the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy is a well-liked martial arts studio, the place Ed O’Neill truly earned his black belt.


13. Lin Before Hamilton: Again in 2011, recent off his other smash hit musical In The Heights, Lin Manuel Miranda auditioned for a bit part on Trendy Household. Ever the charmer, Lin impressed casting agents together with his superfan-level fervor. The Hamilton creator landed a task as Gloria’s dog coach.

Lin Miranda

14. Smarty Pants: Luke Dunphy is lovingly often known as one of many dullest crayons within the field, but actor Nolan Gould truly has far more mind energy. His IQ is 150. For reference, the typical rage is between 90-110. It’s referred to as appearing, people!


In reality, the brainy young man graduated high school at the tender age of 13. His hectic movie schedule didn’t maintain him back, as Nolan began taking school courses shortly after. Plus, he has the good bragging rights of all: he’s a member of the high IQ society MENSA.

Nolan Gould / Instagram

15. Seamless Ensemble: With so many comedic powerhouses on one show, you’d assume some rivalries would rear their ugly heads. Not for the Trendy Family crew! They made a pact in season one to solely submit for supporting roles for award ceremonies. In that approach, they’re never bridesmaids, solely brides (or perhaps vice versa?).

Chief Publish

16. Behind The Digital camera: Exhibits in the mockumentary genre beg the question: whose filming this? The unique present description outlined who can be fascinated sufficient to movie the Pritchett/ Dunphy crew. Apparently, a former Swedish overseas trade scholar turned movie director stayed with Phil back in his youthful years and returned to make a film.

EP Network

17. It’s Britney, Mitch: One of many largest super fans of the show made some calls to land a spot. Yep, the one and solely Pop Princess Britney Spears needed to dip her toe within the comedy pool.

Unbiased Irish

Producers have been all for the thought, so in 2011 they reached out to her individuals to make all of it occur. Brit, in fact, was a lot busy, so by the time she returned the calls, season 3 was already absolutely mapped out.


18. The Other Jay: Earlier than the present secured TV veteran Ed O’Neill as the Pritchett patriarch, they have been romancing another huge identify— Craig T. Nelson. Mr. Unimaginable himself was intrigued by the part, but finally, he needed extra money and handed.

Television Academy

19. Manny’s Sister: The previous soul Manny is portrayed by actor Rico Rodriguez. In real life, Rico followed in the footsteps of his older sister, Raini, who caught the appearing bug first. Chances are you’ll recognize her from her roles in Paul Blart: Mall Cop films and in Disney’s Austin & Ally.

Maximo TV / YouTube

20. Jay’s Paper: One amusing Easter Egg within the present to look out for is Jay’s day by day newspaper. Through the years, actor Ed O’Neill in all probability memorized every article, since it’s the exact same paper he used on the set of Married… With Youngsters.

Garcia Media

Al Bundy wasn’t the only TV character to thumb via the prop rag. Tons of exhibits and films have featured the identical newspaper since all of the articles and pictures have been legally made public domain. A handful of other locations to identify the publication: No Country For Previous Men, That 70’s Show, and Again To The Future.

Garcia Media

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